The Hindu Vocabulary List of 625 Most Frequently Repeated Words


The Hindu Vocabulary

In this list, we extracted most frequently repeated vocabulary words from “The Hindu” Editorials and listed as under the name of ” The Hindu Vocabulary”. Along with meaning, we also provided synonyms for the vocabulary section.

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  1. Rationalize (verb) = Trying to justify with logical reasons;
    Synonyms: Defend; Vindicate; Excuse; Justify; Extenuate;
  2. Regime (noun) = System of rule;
    Synonyms: Reign; Rule; Tenure;
  3. Marred (verb) = Making spoil or damage or imperfect;
    Synonyms: Hurt; Damage; Taint; Impair; Ruin;
  4. Stuttering (noun) = Irregular progress in the system;
    Synonyms: Stammer; Faltering; Halting; Splutter;
  5. Augment (verb) = Improve by boosting;
    Synonyms: Enhance; Inflate; Strengthen; Expand;
  6. Glitches (noun) = Sudden defects or errors;
    Synonyms: Problem; Defect; Snag; Bug; Flaw;
  7. Snarls (noun) = Disorders or Complications;
    Synonyms: Morass; Complication; Chaos; Threaten;
  8. Rhetoric (noun) = The skill of effective long speech with expressions;
    Synonyms: Oratory; Eloquence; Magniloquence; Elocution; Promposity;
  9. Buoyancy (noun) = Tendency to float;
    Synonyms: lightness; Resilience;
  10. Imperative (adjective) = Having vital importance;
    Synonyms: Necessary; Compulsory; Crucial; Obligatory;
  11. Tinker (verb) = Trying to repair or improve;
    Synonyms: Fiddle with; Dabble; Repair; Putter; Puddle;
  12. Populist (noun) = A member if the people’s or democratic party;
    Synonyms: Socialist; Constitutional; Egalitarian;
  13. Recourse (noun) = Alternative option or source of help in critical condition;
    Synonyms: Remedy; Expedient; Choice; Resort; Help; Refuge; Possibility;
  14. Proposal (noun) = Activity of suggesting or presentation for adoption or action;
    Synonyms: Bid; Idea; Motion; Offer; Plan; Scheme; Submission; Approach;
  15. Ailing (adjective) = unwell in health or troubled in progress;
    Synonyms: Debilitated; Indisposed; Feeble; Weak; Troubled;
  16. Envisage (verb) = Imagination or prediction of the possibility of the event in future;
    Synonyms: Foresee; Predict; Forecast; Expect; Imagine; Visualize;
  17. Speculation (noun) =  Consideration or contemplation or guessing of something;
    Synonyms: Belief; Conjecture; Opinion; Thought; Guesswork;
  18. Gloss (noun) = Superficial shining;
    Synonyms: Sheen; Glaze; Gleam; Polish; Luster; Silkiness;
  19. Waive (verb) = Give up or refrain from using;
    Synonyms: Abandon; Let go; Reject; Surrender; Abjure; Relinquish;
  20. Contagion (noun) = Spreading thing by direct or indirect contact;
    Synonyms: Taint; Transmission; Infirmity; Pestilence; Contamination;
  21. Implication (noun) = The impact or conclusion of decision in future;
    Synonyms: Significance; Assumption; Indication; Conclusion;
  22. Ambit (noun) = Having scope;
    Synonyms: Extent; Space; Range;
  23. Autonomy (noun) =Freedom to do by one’s wish or Independence;
    Synonyms:  Freedom; Independence; Sovereignty; Liberty;
  24. Contentious (adjective) = Involve or tend to arguement;
    Synonyms: Combative; Quarrelsome; Argumentive; Antagonistic;
  25. Flaw (noun) = Defects; Features limits the Perfection;
    Synonyms: Fault; Deficiency; Inadequacy; Blemish; Bugs;
  26. Corpus (noun) = Body of collection or mass;
    Synonyms: Compilation; Core; Body; Entity;
  27. Weed out = Decreasing of useless or unnecessary things;
    Synonyms: Decrease; Diminish; Weaken; Trim;
  28. Dubious (adjective) : Having doubtful quality;
    Synonyms: Arguable; Debatable; Hesitant; Unreliable; Improbable;
  29. Prosecution (noun) = Act of Continuation of legal proceedings against anything to complete.
    Synonyms: Accomplishment; Execution; Undertaking; Pursuit; Achievement;
  30. Doldrums (noun) = The state of stagnation or period of depression;
    Synonyms: Depression; Melancholy, Gloom; Slump; Stupor; Boredom;
  31. Instance (noun) = An example of a particular case or any occurrence;
    Synonyms: Situation; Example; Occasion; Proof;
  32. Overwhelming (adjective) = Something has more power or great amount;
    Synonyms: Profuse; Enormous; Massive; Prodigious; Stupendous; Vast;
  33. Gauge (verb) = Exact Measuring of dimension or capacity or force or quantity;
    Synonyms: Criterion; Indicator; Degree; Benchmark;
  34. Crises (noun) = Critical condition or situation;
    Synonyms: Crunch; Disaster; Impasse; Confrontation;
  35. Taper (verb) = To be reducing or diminishing;
    Synonyms:  Decrease; Lessen; Recede; Dwindle;
  36. Tantrum (noun) = Sudden uncontrolled range of bursting;
    Synonyms: Outburst; Flare-up; Conniption; Temper;
  37. Bottoming out (verb) = To reach a worst lowest position;
    Synonyms: Move; Shift; Change; Alter;
  38. Crisis (noun) = Critical or danger or instable condition;
    Synonyms: Trouble; Disaster; Dilemma; Crunch; Emergency; Confrontation;
  39. Impeded (verb) = Obstruct in the progress or movement;
    Synonyms: Hinder; Curb; Obstruct; Stymie; Thwart; Retard; Hamper; Deter;
  40. Deteriorating (verb) = To become more worse;
    Synonyms: Degenerate; Decay; Decline; Depreciate; Crumble; Languish;
  41. Clocking (verb) = Inspecting or watching;
    Synonyms: Audit; Investigate; Observe; Scrutinize; Supervise;
  42. Commodity (noun) = Goods or products of trade or marketing;
    Synonyms: Asset; Goods; Material; Product; Stock; Property;
  43. Prone (adjective) = Liable or tendency to suffer from unpleasant experience;
    Synonyms: Vulnerable; Liable; Susceptible;
  44. Insolvency (noun) = State of being failed or collapsed;
    Synonyms: Liquidation; Failure; Ruin; bankruptcy; Implosion; Inadequacy;
  45. Bankruptcy (noun) = The situation of inability to pay debts.
    Synonyms: Failure; Loss; Liquidation; Disaster;
  46. Segregate (verb) = Separation or set apart;
    Synonyms: Isolate; Insulate; Dissociate; Sequester;
  47. Disruptive (adjective) = Causing troublesome or undisciplined;
    Synonyms: Disturbing; Upsetting; Unruly; riotous;
  48. Resilience (noun) = The capacity to regain to its original form;
    Synonyms: Flexibility; Pliancy; Recoil;
  49. Stemming (verb) = Originating or causing from;
    Synonyms: Arise; Derive; Spring; Develop;
  50. Imperative (adjective) = Essential or crucial in nature;
    Synonyms: Vital; Critical; Necessary; Compulsory;
  51. Patchy (adjective) = Having inconsistent quality;
    Synonyms: Erratic; Irregular; Uneven;
  52. Lackadaisical (adjective) = Lacking interest or enthusiasm;
    Synonyms: Careless; lazy; Unenthusiastic; Uninterested; Lethargic;
  53. Tackle (noun) = Deal with difficult task or problem;
    Synonyms: Intercept; Challenge; Block;
  54. Undernourishment (adjective) = Lack of proper nutrition for being healthy or growth of body;
    Synonyms: Starvation; Hunger; Malnourished;
  55. Reform (verb) = Making of improvement of existing situation; Rectifying mistakes;
    Synonyms: Correction; Rectify; Amend; Improve; Rehabilitate; Renovate;
  56. Endure (verb) = To bear or suffer hard times or difficulties with patience;
    Synonyms: Tolerate; Face; Feel; Suffer; Sustain; Weather; Withstand;
  57. Deprivation (noun) = Lacking or damaging of basic essential needs to live in society;
    Synonyms: Poverty; Impoverishment; Penury; Privation; Hardship; Destitution;
  58. Conflict (noun) = Severe argument or fight; Struggle;
    Synonyms: Battle; Clash; Combat; Rivalry; Struggle;
  59. Confound (verb) = Sudden disturbance or confusion;
    Synonyms: Amaze; Embarrass; Surprise; Astonish; Confuse; Perplex; Bewilder;
  60. Stunting (verb) = Making slow down of growth or development;
    Synonyms: Abate; Curtail; Curb; Decelerate; Diminish; Slacken; Retard;
  61. Disparities (noun)= Difference; Imbalance; Inequalities; Variation;
  62. Slapped (noun) = A Sharp strike or blow against something;
    Synonyms: Blip; Blow; Punch; whack; Strike; Spank; Smack; Clout; Cuff; Thwack;
  63. Enmity (noun) = Feeling of hatred or hostility;
    Synonyms: Animosity; Antagonism; Antipathy; Rivalry; Opposition;
  64. Appalling (adjective) = Causing or making horror or dismay or shock;
    Synonyms: Horrific; Terrible; Ghastly; Astounding; Frightful;
  65. Protracted (adjective) = Long Lasting or make longer or extending the duration;
    Synonyms: Extensive; Lengthen; Expanded; Sustained; Elongated;
  66. Agitation (noun) = A state of disturbance or turmoil;
    Synonyms: Turbulence; Anxiety; Unrest; Stirring; Disturbance;
  67. Divergent (adjective) = Making or developing in different ways;
    Synonyms: Dissimilar; Unlike; Different;
  68. Vindictive (adjective) = Showing a spirit or desire for revenge;
    Synonyms: Revengeful; Hateful; Ruthless; Unforgiving; Vengeful;
  69. Patronage (noun) = Giving support by patron or sponsor;
    Synonyms: Sponsorship; Funding; Assistance; Guaranty; Encouragement;
  70. Apprehension (noun) = Anxiety or fear of something unpleasant in future;
    Synonyms: Anxiety; Alarm; Panic; Dread; Unease; Concern; Tension;
  71. Disarray (noun) = Situation of disorder or confusion;
    Synonyms: Anarchy; Confusion; Mess;
  72. Impact (noun) = Considerable effect or influence occurred from something.
    Synonyms: Effect; Impression; Consequences;
  73. Staggering (adjcetive) = Nature of overwhelming;
    Synonyms: Stunning; Shocking; Astonishing; Astounding;
  74. Threaten (verb) = Indication of warning or Intention to do undesirable action; To be vulnerable;
    Synonyms: Intimidate; Menace; Scare; Frighten;
  75. Cutlery (noun) = Utensils made with silver;
    Synonyms: Silverware of cutting utensils; Knives; Forks;
  76. Compost (noun) = Decaying organic mixture of plant parts used as fertilizer;
    Synonyms: Fertilizer; Humus; Peat;
  77. Malaise (noun) = A condition of weakness or discomfort or disease;
     Synonyms: Depression; Sickness; Despair; Illness; Unease;
  78. Distress (noun) = A condition of suffering or extreme necessity;
     Synonyms:Pain; Agony; Affliction; Ache; Anguish; Grief; Concern;
  79. Inching (verb) = A state of creeping or dragging;
     Synonyms:: Crawling; Quailing; Shambling; Groveling;
  80.  Regime (noun) = Ruling System of organization or government;
      Synonyms: Leadership; Administration; Management; Reign;
  81.  Procurement (noun) = Getting something by effort;
      Synonyms: Obtaining; Acquisition; Attainment; Acquirement; Appropriation;
  82. Glut (verb) = Feeding or filling in excess;
      Synonyms: Overabundance; Superfluity; Oversupply; Saturation; Surplus;
  83. Culmination (noun) = The final or highest point or climax of an event.
     Synonyms: Conclusion; Pinnacle; Apex; Climax; Acme;
  84. Agitation (noun) = Process of shaking or mixing; or Making disturbance:
      Synonyms: Disturbance: Shaking: Mixing; Turmoil; Turbulence;
  85. Strapped (adjective) = The possession of shortage of something.
      Synonyms: Impoverish; Destitute; Beggared;
  86. Tangible (adjective) = Feel perception of things by touch.
      Synonyms: Tactile; Palpable; Real; Substantial; Corporeal;
  87. Dithering (verb) = Situation to be indecisive or undecided;
      Synonyms: Ambivalent; Doubtful; Uncertain; Hesitant; Unclear; Wavering;
  88. Flak (noun) = Criticism or Making complaint on someone.
    Synonyms: Abuse;Hostility; Censure; Opposition; Disparagement;
  89. Gearing Up = Make Ready;
    Synonyms: Arrange; Brace; Equip; Fit; Fortify; Organize;
  90. Intensify (verb) = Making more and severe force;
    Synonyms: Aggravate; Quicken; Boost; Deepen; Exacerbate; Sharpen;
  91. Fangle (verb) = A new Fashion or Event;
  92. Reluctance (noun) = Unlike or Unwillingness or disinclination to do something;
    Synonyms: Hesitation; Diffidence; Timidity; Trepidation; Demurral; Vacillation;
  93. Amplification (noun) = Making increase in anything either in size or effect;
    Synonyms: Elaboration; Enlargement; Exaggeration; Magnification;
  94. Anomaly (noun) = Deviation from usual or normal;
    Synonyms: Aberration; Abnormality; Deviation; Irregularity; Inconsistency;
  95. Embolden (verb) =  Encouragement to do something;
    Synonyms: Buoy; Energize; Inspire; Invigorate; Spur; Sway;
  96. Corollary (noun) = Final result or Conclusion;
    Synonyms: Conclusion; Deduction; End Result; Consequence;
  97. Inflation (noun) = General increase in prices resulting loss of value of currency;
    Synonyms: Increase; Hike; Rise; Boom; Expansion;
  98. Pace (noun) = Rate or Tempo or Speed of Movement;
    Synonyms: Velocity; Rapidity; Swiftness; Momentum;
  99. Brisk (adjective) = Active and energetic in nature;
    Synonyms: Quick; Rapid; Fast; Swift; Speedy; Spry;
  100. Cheer (noun) =  Something that makes encouragement or congratulations or joy;
    Synonyms : Joy; Delight; Optimism; Encouragement; Happiness;
  101. Propel (verb) = Drive or push to move forward;
    Synonyms : Throw; Release into air; Shoot; Thrust; Spur; Force; Catapult; Impel;
  102. Optimism (noun) =  State of having positive beliefs and hopefulness;
    Synonyms : Confidence; Trust; Elation; Happiness; Enthusiasm; Buoyancy; Cheerfulness;
  103. Heartening (adjective) = To give courage or confidence;
    Synonyms : Cheering; Promising; Reassuring; Supportive;
  104. Contraction (noun) = Process of becoming shrink or small;
    Synonyms : Reduction; Deflation; Shrinkage; Decrease; Recession;
  105. Sustain (verb) = Keep up or maintaining of strength or support;
    Synonyms : Assist; Comfort; Help; Continue;Preserve;
  106. Revival (noun) = Restoration to life or new production of old;
    Synonyms : Recovery; Rejuvenation; Resurrection; Renewal;
  107. Languish (verb) = Lose or lack of vigor and vitality or become weak;
    Synonyms : Deteriorate; Dwindle; Faint; Suffer; Weaken;
  108. Eschew (verb) = Abstain or Keep away from; Avoiding;
    Synonyms : Abandon; Avoid; Renounce; Shun; Swear off;
  109. Populism (noun) = Support or work for the concerns of an ordinary people;
    Synonyms : Socialism; Democratic; Constitutional; Egalitarian;
  110. Cheer (noun) =  Something that makes encouragement or congratulations or joy;
    Synonyms : Joy; Delight; Optimism; Encouragement; Happiness;
  111. Evoke (verb) = To call up to appear or To bring  or To elicit;
    Synonyms: Induce; Stimulate;Elicit; Invoke; Provoke; Conjure; Recall;
  112. Coalition (noun) = A group or union to form as one body by fusion temporarily;
    Synonyms: Allied Group; Association; Affiliation; Confederation; Conjunction; Fusion;
  113. Erosion (noun) = The continuous or gradual process of elimination or destruction;
    Synonyms: Deterioration; Corrosion; Abrasion; Attrition; Destruction; Wearing away;
  114. Rapprochement (noun) = Resumption or reestablishment of harmonious relations;
    Synonyms: Detente; Harmony; Reunion; Friendliness;
  115. Retain (verb) = To continue or To keep possession or hold or have;
    Synonyms: Absorb; Contain; Possess; Preserve; Contain; Keep;
  116. Alliance (noun) = Friendly Association or agreement;
    Synonyms:  Accord; Compact; Affiliation; Federation;
  117. Polarization (noun) = Division into two sharp groups of opposing opinions or beliefs;
    Synonyms: Dispersal; Diffusion; Dissipation; Divergence; Scattering;
  118. Ally (noun) = Someone or something combined with another by treaty;
    Synonyms: Associate; Partner; Friend; Collaborator;
  119. Wrest (verb) = To pull or twist or snatch forcibly from another person’s grasp.
    Synonyms: Wrench; Snatch; Grab; Pull; Jerk; Twist; Dislodge; Extract;
  120. Thwart (verb) = Prevent or stop from finishing something;
    Synonyms: Stop; Hinder; Curb; Check; Impede;
  121. Juggernaut (noun) = A huge and overwhelming power or force; Series of activities to achieve a goal without relaxing;
    Synonyms: Bandwagon; Blitz; Cavalcade; Barrage; Campaign;
  122. Pragmatism (noun) = Practical dealing with problems rather than using theory or principles.
    Synonyms: Disdain; Assumption; Egotism; Patronage; Conceit;
  123. Brazen (adjective) = Being shameless or impudent;
    Synonyms: Bold; Shameless; Unabashed; UNashamed; Immodest; Audacious;
  124. Coalition (noun) = Allied or combined group of persons:
    Synonyms: Alliance; Union; Partnership; Affiliation;
  125. Cessation (noun) = An action of ending temporarily or permanently;
    Synonyms:  Finish; Freeze; Halt; Break; Cease; Discontinuance;
  126. Retaliate (verb) = Make return attack for similar attack;
    Synonyms: Respond; React; Reply; Reciprocate;
  127. Alienation (noun) = The condition of being isolated or separated;
    Synonyms: Divide; Divorce; Separation; Estrangement; Disaffection;
  128. Spiralling (verb) = Running continuously around the center point;
    Synonyms: Revolve; Circle; Furl; Rotate;
  129. Arbitrary (adjective) = Subject to personal will or one’s discretion;
    Synonyms: Chance; Capricious; Discretionary; Whimsical; Willful; Irrational;
  130. Abandon (noun) = Leaving or give up completely;
    Synonyms: Renounce; Relinquish; Disclaim; Disown; Disavow;
  131. Propriety (noun) = Conformity to established or accepted  morals or standards;
    Synonyms: Appropriateness; Suitableness; Correctness; Morality; Decorum;
  132. Privilege (noun) = Granted rights or benefits to person;
    Synonyms: Right; Due; Freedom; Advantage; Benefit;
  133. Deficit (noun) = Shortage of required material; Expenditures exceed income;
    Synonyms: Shortage; Deficiency; Arrears; Scantiness; Inadequacy; Paucity;
  134. Dilemma (noun) = Situation of choice made between two or more undesirable alternatives;
    Synonyms: Puzzle; Impasse; Mess; Plight; Quandary; Difficulty; Predicament;
  135. Dwindling (verb) = Become shrink or smaller as in quality; Waste away;
    Synonyms: Waste away; Taper off; Abate; Decay; Decline; Wane; Wither;
  136. Depreciating (verb) = To reduce or lessen the purchase value;
    Synonyms: Lessening; Diminish; Devalue;
  137. Stumbling (verb) = Unsteady or Slip or Losing balance; Repeated mistakes;
    Synonyms: Slip; Stagger; Bumble; Limp; Lurch; Falter; Flounder;
  138. Hooked (adjective) = Addicted to something;
    Synonyms: Absorbed; Enamored; Obsessed; Depended;
  139. Scupper (verb) = Sink deliberately; Prevent from working or succeeding;
    Synonyms: Sink; Scuttle; Submerge; Ruin; Wreck; Destroy;
  140. Mustered (verb) = Gathering or Assembling for battle or inspection;
    Synonyms: Assemble; Gather; Collect; Organize; Marshal; Convene;
  141. Apportion (verb) = Distribute or allocate; Divide and share or assign  according to rules;
    Synonyms: Allocate; Allot; Assign; Administer;
  142. Riparian (adjective) = Regions situated on the bank of a river or related water bodies;
    Synonyms: Coastal; Littoral; Riverine; Waterside;
  143. Ambiguous (adjective) = Having more than one interpretations or meanings (Not having clear meaning)
    Synonyms: Cryptic; Dubious; Enigmatic; Equivocal; Unclear; Vague;
  144. Dragged (verb) = Pull something to a new place with force;
    Synonyms: Haul; Pull; Draw; Tug; Heave; Lug; Tow; Yank;
  145. Rigorous (adjective) = Characterized by severe or harsh;
    Synonyms: Brutal; Stringent; Accurate; Scrupulous; Strict; Precise;
  146. Adjudication (noun) = A formal judgment or judicial decision;
    Synonyms: Conclusion; Determination; Decision; Verdict;
  147. Disquiet (noun) = Feeling of lack of peace; Uneasiness or Worry;
    Synonyms: Mental upset; Anxiety; Ferment; Nervousness; Angst;
  148. Exaggeration (noun) = Statement expressed as better than reality;
    Synonyms: Overstatement; Dramatization; Overemphasis; Embellishment; Misjudgment;
  149. Inevitably (adverb) = Something that is unable to be avoided and  it is necessary;
    Synonyms: Necessarily; Surely;
  150. Legitimacy (noun) = Acceptable to law and rules;
    Synonyms: Legality; Justice; Lawfulness; Validity; Authority;
  151. Alien (adjective) = A person or resident  who came from an unknown or another place;
    Synonyms: Non-native; Foreign; Incongruous;
  152. Deport (verb) = To expel or send from the country;
    Synonyms: Banish; Dismiss; Expel; Exile; Oust; Relegate;
  153. Detractor (verb) = Person who disparages something;
    Synonyms: Derogator; Critic; Defamer; Depreciator;
  154. Persecution (noun) = Unfair treatment due to race or religion or political beliefs;
    Synonyms: Oppression; Victimization; Affliction; Expulsion; Ill-treatment; Massacre;
  155. Chavunism (noun) = Aggressive or extreme devotion to a belief or nation;
    Synonyms: Jingoism; Fanaticism; Nationalism; Zealotry;
  156. Conflate (verb) = To merge or fuse into one:
    Synonyms: Merge; Combine; Meld; Unify; Consolidate; Amalgamate;
  157. Duress (noun) = Constraint or compulsion by threat or force;
    Synonyms: Threat; Hardship; Coercion; Bondage; Detention;
  158. Contradiction (noun) = Statements or features opposed or vary to one another;
    Synonyms: Conflict; Difference; Disagree; Inconsistency;
  159. Assertion (noun) = A Statement or declaration;
    Synonyms: Positive statement; Affirmation; Allegation; Insistence;
  160. Elevation (noun) = Action of raising or promoting or advancement:
    Synonyms: Promotion; Advance; Upgrading; Preferment;
  161. Propriety (noun) = Conformity to accepted standanrds of morals or behaviours;
    Synonyms: Suitableness; Appropriateness; Decorum; Correctness; Legitamacy;
  162. Collegium (noun) = Group of advisory or ruling officials:
  163. Reiterate (verb) = Doing or saying something repeatedly;
    Synonyms: Echo; Renew; Repeat; Restate;
  164. Quash (verb) = Reject or supress as invalid in a legal manner.
    Synonyms: Cancel; Repeal; Revoke; Disallow; Nullify; Retract; Void;
  165. Expeditious (adjective) = Quick or prompt in characterization;
    Synonyms: Fast; Hasty; Hurried; Double-time; Rapid; Efficient;
  166. Vitiate (verb) = Spoil or impair the quality or effectiveness:
    Synonyms: Destroy; Quash; Annihilate; Negate; Abolish; Pervert;
  167. Intransigence (noun) = Refuse to change or compromise or agree;
    Synonyms: Stubbornness; Inflexibility; Obstinacy; Mulishness; Grimness; Rigidity
  168. Repercussion (noun) = Indirect effect of event or action;
    Synonyms: Effect; Impact; Influence; Reaction; Fallout;
  169. Verdict (noun) = A decision or judgment on concerning matter;
    Synonyms: Law judgment; Conclusion; Opinion; Decision;
  170. Fillip (noun) = Any action that makes rouse or excite or stimulus;
    Synonyms: Stimulate; Boost; Excite; Charge;
  171. Boast (verb) = Speaking about oneself with pride;
    Synonyms: Brag; Source of pride; Bluster; Avowal; Exaggeration;
  172. Contend (verb) = struggling or striving to oppose or compete or rivalry;
    Synonyms: Compete; Adverse; Oppose; Challenge; Rivalry;
  173. Perceive (verb) = Recognizing or aware of or identifying;
    Synonyms: Notice; See; Discern; Feel; Grasp; Observe; Realize;
  174. Shrewdly (adverb) = Sharp in practically;
    Synonyms: Astutely; Ably; Artfully; Keenly; Smartly; Skillfully; Cleverly;
  175. Cynic (noun) = A person who believes that humans are selfish and thought like they do something, if it is beneficial themselves;
    Synonyms: Non believer; Detractor; Pessimist; Misanthrope; Egoist; Flouter;
  176. Embroiled (verb) = To throw or bring or involve into complicate or conflict or dispute;
    Synonyms: Enmesh; Entangle; Ensnare; Mire; Implicate;
  177. Incumbency (noun) = Holding of position for particular period;
    Synonyms: Tenure; Grasp; Administration; Clench; Hold; Regime;
  178. Rival (adjective) = Person or Company, who is competing in same object or field with other.
    Synonyms: Competing; Opposing; Conflicting; Combating; Vying;
  179. Speculate (verb) = Engage by thinking deeply about considerable risk or chance;
    Synonyms: Contemplate; Figure out; Guess; Hypothesize; Reflect;
  180. Paradigm (noun) = Framework or Methodology accepted by scientific members;
    Synonyms: Ideal; Pattern; Model; Criterion;
  181. Bourse (noun) = A stock exchange of European countries;
  182. Peddling (verb) = Carrying goods from one place to another place for retail sale;
    Synonyms: Sell door to door; Hawk; Solicit; Canvas;
  183. Ostensibly (adverb) = Externally appearing or pretending as such;
    Synonyms: Evidently; Officially; Apparently; Seemingly;
  184. Ruffle (verb) = disturbing smoothness or evenness;
    Synonyms: Mess up; Dishevel; Rumple; Crush;
  185. Deal (Noun) = To take action with respect to a thing;
    Synonyms: Agreement, Bargain; Contract; Pact; Arrangement; Accord;Compromise;
  186. Retreat (Noun)  = Strategic withdrawal agreement;
    Synonyms : Evacuation; Withdrawal;
  187. Undermined (Verb) =To destroy by cunning or indirect action
    Synonyms: Weaken; Blunt; Threaten; Ruin; Sabotage; Subvert;
  188. Diplomacy (Noun) =Official negotiations or relations by the government between nations;
    Synonyms: Negotiation; Politics; Statecraft; Delicacy;
  189. Curtail (Verb) = To reduce or cut off a part of something;
    Synonyms : Abridge; Shorten; Trim; Diminish; Hait; Reduce;
  190. Wreck (Noun) =Severe damage;
    Synonyms: Collapse; Crash; Debris; Ruin; Junk;
  191. Enrich (Verb) = To support  with the supply of necessary requirements
    Synonyms: Augment; Develop; Enhance; Endow; Supplement;
  192. Embolden (Verb) =To make bolder;
    Synonyms: Energize; Inspire; Buoy; Invigorate; Sway; Spur;
  193. Tumultuous (Adjective) = Condition with a loud and confused noise;
    Synonyms: Confused; Boisterous; Hectic; Riotous; Raucous;
  194. Stalemate (Noun)  =  Condition or situation in which any action can’t be taken for progress;
    Synonyms:  Deadlock; Delay; Gridlock; Impasse; Standoff;
  195. Obstructionism (Noun) = Deliberately or intentionally delaying legal or legislative
  196. Consensus (Noun) = General agreement;
    Synonyms : Agreement; Harmony; Concord; Accord;
  197. Thwart (Verb) = Preveting or stopping from accomplishing something;
    Synonyms:  Stop; Hinder; Oppose; Curb; Counter; Stymie;    
  198. Conted (Verb) =Argument to oppose;
    Synonyms : Compete; Fight; Argue; Confront; Cope; Dispute; Grapple;
  199. Distort (Verb) =Attempt of twist to change shape;
    Synonyms : Twist; Warp; Contort; Bend; Deform; Misshape;
  200. Offset (Verb) =Counter action to balance or decrease the effect of something;
    Synonyms :  Balance; Counteract; Equal; Negate; Neutralize;
  201. Revival (Noun)  = Restoration or improvement of existing old condition;
    Synonyms:  Rebirth; Reawakening; Resurgence; Rejuvenation; Renaissance;
  202. Woe (Noun) =Condition of great sorrow or distress;
    Synonyms:  Misery; Distress; Despondency; Despair; Desolation; Suffering;
  203. Gloom (Noun) =Darkness;
    Synonyms : Melancholy; Depression; Anguish; Bitterness; Pessimism;
  204. Fragile (Adjective) =Nature of easily breakable;
    Synonyms : Delicate; Feeble; Frail; Weak; Dainty;
  205. Slump (Noun) =A sudden and severe fall or decline;
    Synonyms  Decline; Failure; Collapse; Crash; Depreciation; Dip; Fall;
  206. Inflation (Noun) =General increase in prices.
    Synonyms: Increasing; Swelling; Boom; Expansion; Hike; Rise;
  207. Sustain (Verb) =Keep up support or strengthen or maintain;
    Synonyms : Assist; Bolster; Buoy; Continue; Defend;
  208. Adultery (Noun) =Voluntary external sexual affair of married person with other;
    Synonyms : Infidelity; Extramarital affair; Affair; Fling; Matinee;
  209. Absolve (Verb) = Freedom from duty, responsibility, guilt, obligation;
    Synonyms : Acquit; Exempt; Exonerate; Forgive; Pardon; Relieve; Vindicate;
  210. Connivance (Noun) =Allow or consent to involve secretly in an illegal act;
    Synonyms : Plot; Cabal; Conspiracy; Intrigue; Scheme; Machination;
  211. Aggrieved (Adjective) =Feeling of treat of unfairly or wronged or offended;
    Synonyms: Disturbed; Grieving; Oppressed; Persecuted; Hurt; Afflicted; Resentful; Indignant; Vexed; Anguished;
  212. Culpability (Noun) =Responsibility for the wrong action; Deserved for guilty;
    Synonyms: Guilt; Blame; Fault; Responsibility; Liability;
  213. Consensual (Adjective) =Consent or agreement of people those involving;
    Synonyms: Unanimous; Consistent; Acceptance; Unified; United; Universal; Concordant; Accordant;
  214. Alliance (Noun) = Friendly agreement or treaty between two or more nations for particular purpose or benefits.
    Synonyms : Association; Accord; Affiliation; Betrothal; Collaboration;
  215. Leftists (Noun) =Persons in politically left wing;
    Synonyms: Agitator; Anarchist; Demagogue; Zealot; Propagandist;
  216. Incumbent (Adjective) =Necessary or Compulsory responsibility for someone;
    Synonyms : Compelling; Binding; Urgent; Necessary; Obligatory;
  217. Wrangling (Verb) =Arguement or long dispute in angry;
    Synonyms : Fight; Argue; Bicker; Disagree; Quibble; Tangle; Squabble;
  218. Introspect (Verb) =Self examining of own thoughts;
    Synonyms : Self analysis; Brooding; Soul-searching;
  219. Blight (Verb) = Infecting or spoiling;
    Synonyms: Mar; Taint; Blast; Damage; Decay; Crush; Shrivel;Wither; Wreck;
  220. Helm (Noun) = Point or position of control;
    Synonyms: Wheel; Command; Control; Rudder; Tiller;
  221. Cronyism (Noun) =Practice of appointing favorite ones to  positions of  authority;
    Synonyms: Patronage; Civility; Deference; Deigning; Insolence; Stooping;
  222. Pervasive (Adjective) =Spreading throughout;
    Synonyms: Extensive; Common; Inescapable; Prevalent; Rife; Ubiquitous; Universal;
  223. Reckoning (Noun) =The process of calculating or estimation;
    Synonyms : Computation; Check; Ciphering; Settlement; Grunt;
  224. Explicit (Adjective) = Clear and full demonstration without leaving anything;
    Synonyms: Clear; Direct; Plain; Obvious; Blunt; Precise; Exact;
  225. Denounce (Verb) =Accusation or informing against;
    Synonyms: Blame; Accuse; Boycott; Castigate; Criticize; Decry; Excoriate; Prosecute; Rebuke; Revile; Villify;
  226. Heinous (Adjective) =Odious; Wicked; Atrocious; Monstrous; Abominable; Contemptible; Reprehensible; Despicable; Horrible;
  227. Ambiguous (Adjective) =Having more than one meaning; Not clear in words;
    Synonyms : Equivocal; Ambivalent; Arguable; Dubious; Uncertain; Cryptic; Vague; Obscure; Puzzling; Unclear;
  228. Unwavering (Adjective) =Steady or consistent on something;
    Synonyms : Fixed; Resolute; Abide; Unfaltering; Unhesitating; Unremitting; Staunch; Unshakeable; Unswerving;
  229. Consensus (Noun) =General agreement;
    Synonyms: Accord; Harmony; Unity; Unanimity; Consent;
  230. Firming up (Verb) = Stabilize; Fix; Maintain; Preserve; Steady;
  231. Stagger (Verb) = Moving or walking unsteadily;
    Synonyms: Careen; Falter; Lurch; Shake; Teeter; Wobble;
  232. Ripple (Noun) =Waves on the surface of agitated water;
    Synonyms : Billow; Breaker; Crest; Curl; Fold; Furrow;
  233. Respite (Noun) = Rest or relief for a short period;
    Synonyms: Rest; Break; Halt; Stop; Cessation; Recess; Pause; Hiatus; Reprieve; Truce;
  234. Buttress (Verb) =Increase support or strength; Reinforce;
    Synonyms: Brace; Support; Abutment;Fortify; Uphold; Pier; Stanchion;
  235. Proffer (Verb) =Suggest or offer to someone;
    Synonyms :Offer; Tender; Present; Extend; Give; Submit; Propose;  Propound;
  236. Credo (Noun)=A statement of the aims for guide someone’s actions.
    Synonyms :Creed; Philosophy; Tenet;
  237. Swift (Adjective) =Moving with high velocity or speed;
    Synonyms :  Very fast; Rapidly; Quickly; Hastily; Expeditiously;
  238. Deliberation (Noun) =Careful or deep consideration slowly before action;
    Synonyms : Serious thought; Contemplation; Rumination; Brooding; Musing; Cogitation; Speculation;
  239. Disdain (Noun) =Considering or feeling that someone is unworthy of others consideration;
    Synonyms : Scorn; Contempt; Disrespect; Derision; Undervalue;
  240. Bigotry (Noun) =Intolerant nature towards one’s own different opinions;
    Synonyms  Discrimination; Sexism; Fanaticism; Injustice; Bias; Unfairness; Bias; Partiality; Racism;
  241. Allay (Verb) =Reducing or minimizing effect of something;
    Synonyms : Alleviate; Assuage; Calm; Ease; Lessen; Mitigate; Mollify; Pacify;
  242. Bail out (Verb) =To relieve someone out of trouble;
    Synonyms: Relieve; Rescue; Release; Deliver;
  243. Regime (Noun)=A system having leadership or rule of government;
    Synonyms :  Administration; Management; System; Tenure;
  244. Rationale (Noun) = Logical reason or fundamental reason for any action or belief;
    Synonyms :  Excuse; Explanation; Hypothesis; Justification;
  245. Dispensation (Noun) = It is an act of dispensing or distribution;
    Synonyms  : Disbursement; Allocation; Allotment; Apportionment;
  246. Abduction (Noun)  =An action of forcibly taking someone away; Illegal carrying;
    Synonyms : Kidnapping; Theft; Appropriation; Capture;
  247. Assault (Noun) = Make a sudden physical violent attack;
    Synonyms: Aggression; Offensive; Incursion; Invasion; Smack; Thrash;Spank; Swat; Thwack; Thump;
  248. Under-report (Verb) =Fail to report any news fully or completely;
  249. Prevailing (Adjective) =Existing at present or current time;
    Synonyms : Current; Predominant; Prevalent; Rampant; Usual;
  250. Impunity (Noun) = Freedo or Exemption from punishment;
    Synonyms : Immunity; Indemnity; Exception; Exemption; Privilege;
  251. Dizzy (Verb) = Feeling of confusion or unsteady;
    Synonyms: Rapid; Confused; Bewildering; Faint;
  252. Breaching (Verb)= Process of breaking;
    Synonyms  Break; Violate; Disobey; Infract; Infringe; Offend;
  253. Apathy (Noun) = Lack of enthusiasm or interest;
    Synonyms :  Indifference; Insensitivity; Lethargy; Lassitude; Phlegm;
  254. Stringent (Adjective) =Rigorously binding or exacting of regulations;
    Synonyms : Strict; Firm; Severe; Harsh; Tough; Stiff;
  255. Fragile (Adjective) =Nature of easily broken;
    Synonyms:Brittle; Frangible; Breakable; Flimsy; Frail; Feeble;
  256. Coterminous (Adj)  = Area that having the same border or boundaries;
    Synonyms  Adjoining; Adjacent; Contiguous; Juxtaposed; Abutting;
  257. Vanguard (Noun) =The forefront position of new developments;
    Synonyms : Front; Advance; Spearhead; Fore, Lead;
  258. Resurgence (Noun) =A situation of rising or increasing after a gap of little activity;
    Synonyms  Renewal; Revival; Recovery; Rally; Resurrection;
  259. Stubborn (Adjective) = Difficult to move; No change in attitude or position;
    Synonyms  Obstinate; Mulish; Headstrong; Wilful; Obdurate; Indelible; Dogged; Adamant; Tenacious; Ornery; Persistent; Perverse; Relentless; Rigid;
  260. Peril (Noun) =The condition of exposure to loss or any harm or injury;
    Synonyms : Danger; Jeopardy; Risk; Hazard; Menace;
  261. Arbitrary (Adjective) =Subject to personal choice or will or judgment;
    Synonyms :  Capricious; Random; Whimsical; Erratic; Chance; Willful;
  262. Dystopia ( Noun) =An imaginary society characterized by fearful lives of a human being;
  263. Enshrine (Verb) = Preserve an idea or tradition in a form that ensures it will be protected.
    Synonyms : Represent; Preserve; Treasure; Embody; Incorporate;
  264. Privilege (Noun) = A special right or an advantage available for particular person;
    Synonyms :  Advantage; Right; Benefit; Prerogative; Entitlement;
  265. Inevitable (Adjective) =  Condition that unable to be avoided;
    Synonyms  :  Imminent; Impending; Inexorable; Irresistable;
  266. Prop (Verb=Supporting or strengthening of position;
    Synonyms:  Buttress; Support; Brace; Reinforce; Sustain;
  267. Reiterate (Verb) = Saying or doing something repeatedly;
    Synonyms : Repeat; Restate; Renew; Recapitulate; Belabour;
  268. Tinkering (Noun)=    Attempt or trying to repair or improve something causally;
    Synonyms : Fix; Patch; Remediate; Troubleshooting;  Fiddle with;
  269. Nuanced (Adjective) =Characterized or made slightly different in appearance,
    meaning or expression;
  270. Caveat ( Noun) = Given warning or caution before action;
    Synonyms :  Admonition; Caution; Forewarning;
  271. Pragmatic (Adjective) =Solving or dealing problems in a sensible and realistic way;
    Synonyms : Sensible; Practical; Realistic; Efficient; Sober;
  272. Perpetrator (Noun) = Person who committed a crime or violent harmful action;
    Synonyms : Criminal; Executioner; Assassin; Enforcer;
  273. Emphasize (Verb) = Give special intention or importance; Lay stress on particular
    part of something;
    Synonyms : Accentuate; Affirm; Assert; Point out; Reiterate; Enunciate;
  274. Curtail (Verb)=  Reducing a part of quantity; Impose a restriction on sharing;
    Synonyms :  Reduce; Slash; Diminish; Dock; Lop; Retrench; Shrink;
  275. Radicalize (Verb)=  To become extreme in political or religious beliefs;
  276. Confinement (Noun)  = The action or state of being imprisonment or restriction;
    Synonyms    :  Custody; Restriction; Imprisonment; Detention; Incarceration; Constraint; Trammels; Immuration;
  277. Annul (Verb)  = Declare or announce that something is invalid or not legal;
    Synonyms :  Nullify; Invalidate; Void; Abolish; Cancel; Dissolve; Quash;
  278. Aghast (Adjective) =Struck with shock or horror;
    Synonyms:  Horrified; Agog; Amazed; Anxious; Shocked; Stunned;
    Dismayed; Appalled; Awestruck; Astounded; Agape;
  279. Indoctrination (Noun) = Teaching or instructing a group or person to accept a set of
    Synonyms :  Propagandism; Persuasion; Training;
  280. Pragmatism (Noun) = Approach practically to solve problems;
    Synonyms : Practical; Reality; Efficiency; Expediency; Appropriate;
  281. Disconcerting (Adjective) = Causing disturbing to someone; Frustrate or Perplex;
    Synonyms : Confuse; Agitate; Bewilder; Perturb; Unsettle; Embarrass;
  282. Harping (Noun) = Continuously talk or write on a particular subject;
    Synonyms: Dwell; Repeat; Reiterate;
  283. Juncture (Noun) = A place or particular point where things join;
    Synonyms: Turning point; Condition; Crux; Position; Strait; Quandary; Circumstance; Moment;
  284. Profound (Adjective) = Having very great or intense quality of knowledge;
    Synonyms  : Intellectual; Thoughtful; Subtle; Abstruse; Deep;
  285. Enshrine (Verb) = Appropriate place where it will be protected or respected;
    Synonyms : Cherish; Consecrate; Preserve; Revere; Embalm; Sanctify;
  286. Clinging (Verb)  = To adhere or hold closely or tightly;
    Synonyms: Adhesive; Coherent; Persistent; Viscid; Osculant;Tenacious;
  287. Zilch (Noun)= Nothing or Zero;
    Synonyms : Blank; Nada; Naught; Void; Insignifacancy;
  288. Faction (Noun) = A group within a larger party or government sharing a belief;
    Synonyms : Bloc; Clan; Gang; Junta; Sect; Party; Side; Wing; Clique;
  289. Domineering (Verb) = Stating or declaring one’s will over another in an arrogant way;
    Synonyms : Oppressive; Authoritarian; Arrogant; Overbearing; Tyrannical; Imperious; Dictatorial; Autocratic; Bossy; Bully; Hector; Persecute; Subjugate; Menace; Intimidate; Browbeat;
  290. Accentuate (Verb)= Highlighting the issue or make noticeable;
    Synonyms : Focus attention on; Prominent; Highlight; Emphasize; Accent;
  291. Benefaction (Noun)= An action of making benefit or good;
    Synonyms : Donation; Contribution; Endowment; Legacy; Relief; Gift;
  292. Defer (Verb) = Postponed or Delayed; Put off any present action for later;
    Synonyms : Delayed; Postponed; Protracted; Retarded; Scrubbed; Stalled;
  293. Malevolent (Adj) =Having desire to do evil to others;
    Synonyms : Malicious; Hostile; Spiteful; Evil; Vicious; Pernicious; Malign; Baleful; Rancorous;
  294. Repatriation (Noun)  =The resending or returning of people to their own country;
    Synonyms : Restoration; Rehabilitation; Renovation; Recovery;
  295. Traction (Noun)  =Action of pulling or drawing
    Synonyms : Resistance; Suction; Haulage; Adhesion; Constriction; Grip;
  296. Cite (Verb) =To commend (or) To call or mention in order (or) To summon
    Synonyms  Note; Indicate; Refer to; Specify; Point out; Mention; Allude to;
  297. Defer (Verb) =Put off action or delay;
    Synonyms: Hold off; Adjourn; Extend; Stall; Impede; Intermit; Shelve;
    Prorogue; Waive; Retard;
  298. Cynical (Adjective) =Disparaging or distrusting of others;
    Synonyms  Nonbelieving; Doubtful;
  299. Detract (Verb) =Take away or draw away a part from either value or quality;
    Synonyms: Derogate; Backbite; Lessen; Devaluate; Decry; Cheapen;
    Vilipend; Disesteem;
  300. Requisite (Adjective) =Required or necessary for any particular purpose;
    Synonyms Need; Condition; Essential; Precondition;
  301. Perfunctory (Adjective) =Performing a routine task without interest;
    Synonyms : Automatic; Cursory; Superficial; Careless; Sketchy; Apathetic;
  302. Absurd (Adjective) =Quality of situation that existing in illogical or senseless
    Synonyms : Ridiculous; Crazy; Goofy; Silly; Unreasonable; Irrational; Ludicrous; Wacky;
  303. Foreboding (Noun)  =A strong notion or inner feel of future misfortune; Prediction;
    Synonyms  Apprehension; Premonition; Dread; Presage; Portent; Prenotion;
  304. Intimidate (Verb) =To fill with fear or making timid;
    Synonyms :Frighten; Threaten; Dishearten; Dismay; Terrorize; Scare;
  305. Reinforce (Verb) =  To support or strengthen something or someone;
    Synonyms :Strengthen; Augment; Support; Bolster; Fortify;
  306. Diplomacy (Noun) =Negotiations and relations among officials of different
    Synonyms  :Negotiation; Politics; Delicacy; Discretion; Expedience;
  307. Lobbying (Verb)=  Trying to influence actions politically by persuading;
    Synonyms :Urge; Sway; Promote; Campaign for; Press; Push; Solicit;
    Thump; Influence;
  308. Nurture (Verb) =  Protecting by feeding;
    Synonyms  :Feed; Care for; Educate; Develop; Sustain; Cultivate;
  309. Tackle (Verb) =Making efforts to solve or deal any task or problem;
    Synonyms :Deal with; Engage in; Take up; Launch; Undertake;
  310. Quack (Noun) =A fraudulent pretender or falsely imitate or present;
    Synonyms  :Counterfeit; Pretended; Phony; Pseudo; Simulate;
  311. Tussle (Noun) =A rough contest or struggle in physically;
    Synonyms :Fray; Struggle; Battle; Scuffle; Skirmish; Strife; Brawl;
  312. Inevitable (Adjective) =Unable to avoid;
    Synonyms  :Imminent; Impend; Inexorable; Undeniable; Doomed;
  313. De facto (Adverb) =In reality, or actually existing;
    Synonyms :Genuinely; Actually; Really; Veritably;
  314. Resurgent (Adjective) =Tending to rise again;
    Synonyms :Renascent; Revived; Invigorated; Refreshed;
  315. Devast (Noun)=Damage and destruction;
    Synonyms :Calamitous; Disastrous; Annihilating; Mortifying;Desolating;
  316. Unflattering (Adjective) =Being unfavorable;
    Synonyms  :Harsh; Insulting;  Uncomplimentary; Faultfinding;
  317. Haul (Noun) =To pull or move something, or Obtained something;
    Synonyms :Harvest; Cargo; Booty; Gain; Freight; Yield;
  318. Mess-up (Noun)  = Having confusion;
    Synonyms  :Disorder; Befoul; Bobble; Besmirch; Bungle; Clutter; Rummage; Scramble; Jumble;
  319. Profiteering (Noun) = Seeking exorbitant profits through the sale of goods;
    Synonyms :Corrupt; Crooked; Nefarious; Corrupt; Debauched; Unscrupulous; Suborned; Reprobate; Taint;
  320. Regime (Noun) =  A system of rule or government;
    Synonyms :Leadership; Administration; Dynasty; Incumbency; Tenure;
  321. Errant (Adjective) =  Deviation from proper subject or course;
    Synonyms  :Wrong; Deviant; Aberrant; Erratic; Stray; Unorthodox;
  322. Construe (Verb) =  To explain intention of something;
    Synonyms  :Explain; Deduce; Define; Infer; Interpret; Parse; Analyze;
  323. Bureaucracy (Noun)=A government body of official administrators who controls organization;
    Synonyms :Ministry; Red tape; Authority; Management; Regulatory;
  324. Discretionary (Adjective) =Open to choice or choice left to one’s own;
    Synonyms:Unrestricted; Facultative; Nonobligatory; Optional;
  325. Perception (Noun)   =  Understand or recognition;
    Synonyms : Approach; Attention; Notion; Opinion; Thought; Conception;
  326. Exemplary (Adjective) =Worthy to follow or imitate;
    Synonyms: Ideal; Admirable; Commendable; Laudable; Sterling;
  327. Unnerving (Verb) = To deprive of confidence; Upset;
    Synonyms : Intimidate; Agitate; Bewilder; Daunt; Disconcert; Dispirit;
  328. Surcharged (Adjective) =An additional tax or charge;
    Synonyms :  Inflated; Bloated; Magnified; Aggrandized; Puffed; Aureate; Euphuistic;
  329.  Hue (Noun)  =  Property of Colour or Shade;
    Synonyms : Complexion; Tinge; Tint;
  330. Seizures (Noun) =  Possession of a property legally or by force;
    Synonyms:  Capture; Access; Convulsive attack; Stroke;
  331. Brazen (Adjective)=  Impudent or shameless;
    Synonyms :Brash; Unashamed; Audacious; Blatant; Bold;
  332. Insistent (Adjective) =  Compelling attention;
    Synonyms :Demanding; Unrelenting; Emphatic; Persistent; Incessant;
  333. Denounce (Verb=  To condemn publicly;
    Synonyms :Accuse; Blame; Vilify; Censure; Castigate; Excoriate;
  334. Inheritor (Noun) =  A person who inherits property or tradition;
    Synonyms :Beneficiary; Recipient; Assignee; Possessor; Successor; Grantee;
  335. Disproportionate (Adjective) =Something being out of balance;
    Synonyms :Excessive; Inordinate; Superfluous; Unequal; Iopsided;
  336. Wary (Adjective) =Characterized by caution;
    Synonyms:Attentive; Circumspect; Considerate; Frugal; Prudent;Leery; Distrustful;
  337. Sovereign (Adjective) =The status of being as supreme or monarch;
    Synonyms:  Dominant; Effective; Autonomous; Royal; Imperial; Independent;
  338. Notch (Noun) = A slit or cut in an object;
    Synonyms :  Indentation; Cleft; Cut; Gap; Groove; Incision;
  339. Logjam (Noun) =Blockage due to massive accumulation; Immovable;
    Synonyms :  Lag; Moratorium; Delay; Cunctation; Adjourn; Setback;
  340. Bankruptcy (Noun) = Inability or failure to pay debts;
    Synonyms :  Default; Disaster; Insolvency; Defalcation; Destitution; Indigence;
  341. Foster (Verb) = To promote the development or growth;
    Synonyms :  Promote; Support; Stimulate; Cherish; Foment; Cultivate;
  342. Conjunction (Noun)  =The act of association or conjoining or combine;
    Synonyms : Partnership; Affiliation; Alliance; Congruency;
  343. Constraint (Noun) =Situation of limitation or restriction;
    Synonyms :  Restraint; Pressure; Coercion; Compulsion;
  344. Amid (Preposition) =Surrounded by something; In the middle of course or matter;
    Synonyms :  Between; Among; During;
  345. Alluring (Adjective) =The nature of attractiveness or tempting;
    Synonyms:  Beguiling; Captivating; Charming; Enticing; Seductive;
  346. Brewing (Verb) = Prepare by boiling;
    Synonyms :  Boil; Seethe; Soak; Infuse; Stew; Concoct; Ferment;
  347. Extravagant (Adjective)=Spending more than required (Wasting); Exceeding the
    appropriate limits;
    Synonyms : Absurd; Bizarre; Indulgent; Wasteful; Exorbitant;Ludicrous; Lavish; Ostentatious;
  348. Endorse (Verb) = Declare to public approval or support; Sign on the payable a document like a cheque for approval of payment;
    Synonyms :  Support; Authorize; Affirm; Confirm; Sanction;
  349. Condemnation (Noun)  = The  act of blaming or accusation;
    Synonyms : Accusation; Conviction; Blaming; Censure; Damnation;
  350. Inept (Adjective) = Lack of skill for task;
    Synonyms:  Awkward; Bumbling; Clumsy; Unskilled; Gauche; Bungling; Inefficient; Incompetent;
  351. Plotters (Noun) =Illegal or harmful plan makers; Conspirator;
    Synonyms:  Traitor; Collaborator; Accomplice; Betrayer; Subversive;
  352. Staging (Verb) =The act or a play presenting on the stage;
    Synonyms:  Execute; Perform; Play; Mount; Present; Organize;
  353. Coup (Noun) =A highly successful act or move in an unexpected manner;
    Synonyms : Action; Plot; Revolution; Stunt; Feat; Stroke; Deed;
  354. Barrack (Noun)  =A group of buildings for lodging soldiers;
    Synonyms  : Billet; Shelter for military; Bivouac; Prefab; Garrison;
  355. Breach (Noun) = The result or act of breaking or violating;
    Synonyms:  Gap; Rupture; Crack; Aperture; Cleft; Fissure;
  356. Overhaul (Verb)=To make required repairs and restore to serviceable or usable;
    Synonyms :Fix; Improve; Rebuild; Reconstruct; Renew; Revamp;
  357. Extravaganza (Noun)  =   Elaborate and spectacular entertainment;
    Synonyms :Pageant; Parody; Show; Spectacular; Display; Exhibition;
  358. Covet (Verb) =  Eager to possess something of others; Wrongful desire;
    Synonyms :Crave; Desire; Envy; Fancy; Lust after; Begrudge;
  359. Erupt (Verb) =  To burst or release violently;   Eject with force;
    Synonyms: Appear; Blow up; Explode; Spew; Detonate; Flare-up;
  360. Outwit (Verb)=  To get better than other by ingenuity or cleverness;
    Synonyms : Dupe; Cheat; Baffle; Deceive; Mislead; Hoax;
  361. Astound (Verb) =To overwhelm with wonder or surprise;
    Synonyms:  Amaze; Astonish; Bewilder; Stagger; Stupefy; Startle;
  362. Dearth (Noun)=  An inadequate or scarcity of something;
    Synonyms: Insufficiency; Scarcity; Deficiency; Lack; Paucity; Shortage;
  363. Unblemished (Adj) = Lacking faults or flaws;
    Synonyms: Flawless; Spotless; Perfect; Impeccable; Unsullied; Untarnished
  364. Debut (Noun) = A person’ s first public appearance on stage;
    Synonyms: Appearance; Opener; Beginning; Inauguration;
  365. Convention (Noun) = A formal meeting of representatives or delegates on particular matters of common concern;
    Synonyms :  Conference; Meeting; Clambake; Delegation; Assemblage;
  366. Imperative (Adjective) = Absolutely required;
  367. Imperative (Noun) = Command of something that demands or required attention or action
    Synonyms : Direction; Command; Regulation; Adjuration; Canon; Caveat;
  368. Paradigm (Noun) =A typical pattern or example of something; A particular pattern or model;
    Synonyms : Example; Archetype; Ideal; Model; Criterion; Exemplar;
  369. Pursue (Verb) =To follow or proceed in order to overtake;
    Synonyms : Chase; Follow; Go after; Seek; Persevere; Chivy;
  370. Abatement (Verb) =Act or state of reduction or decrease or mitigate;
    Synonyms  : Lessening; Decline; Decrease; Discount; Reduction;
  371. Plunged (Verb) =Bring forcibly and suddenly into some condition;
    Synonyms:  Tumble; Plummet; Hurtle; Jump; Drop; Throw;
  372. Amassed (Verb) =To collect or gather for oneself into a mass;
    Synonyms : Assemble; Accumulate; Compile; Garner; Hoard;
  373. Speculate (Verb) =Think about something deeply and theorize;
    Synonyms : Contemplate; Guess; Hypothesize; Reflect; Read; Ruminate;
  374. Pivot (Noun) =Anything depends on someone’s functions;
    Synonyms:  Fulcrum; Centre; Focal point;
  375. Mooted (Verb) =To present or introduce any point for discussion;
    Synonyms:  Bring up; Propose; Discuss; Debate; Raise; Refer;
  376. Prosperous (Adjective)=Characterized by financial success;
    Synonyms : Wealthy; Affluent; Rich; Well to do; Flourishing;
  377. Surveillance (Noun) = Continuous observation of place or person;
    Synonyms : Examination; Inspection; Scrutiny; Supervision; Vigilance;
  378. Commemorative (Adjective) =Acting as memorial of an event
    Synonyms: Memorial; Celebratory; Remembrance;
  379. Contrary (Adjective) =Opposite in character or in nature;
    Synonyms : Adverse; Antithetical; Conflicting; Contradictory; Inimical; Paradoxical
  380. Tumult /Turmoil (Noun)  =Violent and noisy disturbance of crowd;
    Synonyms :Agitation; Commotion; Fracas; Disturbance; Strife; Ferment; Uproar; Confusion;
  381. Probe (Noun) =To search into or examine or question thoroughly;
    Synonyms: Investigation; Exploration; Inquest; Scrutiny; Inquest;
  382. Lustre (Noun) = Gentle sheen; Soft glow;
    Synonyms: Shine; Brightness; Radiance; Gleam; Glimmer; Gloss;
  383. Delineate (Verb) =To describe or trace outline of something;
    Synonyms: Describe; Depict; Limn; Draw;
  384. Perverse (Adjective) =Desire to behave in unreasonable or unacceptable way;
    Synonyms : Contrary; Unreasonable; Uncooperative; Illogical; Wick;
  385. Reiterate (Verb) =To say or do again repeatedly;
    Synonyms :  Repeat; Renew; Restate; Recap;
  386. Propriety (Noun) = Suitability or appropriateness of condition to the existing situation;
    Synonyms: Suitability; Appropriateness; Correctness; Decorum;
  387. Converge (Verb) =Tend to gather or assemble to meet on common point;
    Synonyms: Assemble; Mingle; Combine; Concentrate; Join; Merge;
  388. Affirmation (Noun) =Proposition or statement declared to be true;
    Synonyms : Assertion; Confirmation; Averment; Declaration
  389. Psephology (Noun) =Study of Elections;
  390. Incumbency (Noun) =The period during which someone holds a particular
    Synonyms : Tenure; Possession; Regime; Term; Clasp; Clinch; Clutch
  391. Vitriolic (Adjective)=Intentionally causing hurt;
    Synonyms : Bitter; Caustic; Acerbic; Antagonistic; Scathing;
  392. Plebiscite (Noun)  =A direct vote by eligible voters.
    Synonyms: Election; Polling; Referendum;
  393. Delineate (Verb) =To describe or trace outline of incident;
    Synonyms :  Describe; Outline; Depict; Limn;
  394. Deteriorate (Verb) =To make worse or inferior in quality;
    Synonyms : Degenerate; Crumble; Decay; Weaken; Worsen; Degrade;Languish; Regress;
  395. Residue (Noun) =Remainder part of used thing;
    Synonyms : Debris; Silt; Slag; Garbage;
  396. Swathe (Verb) =Making wrap up or bind; Envelope;
    Synonyms : Bandage; Clothe; Swaddle; Wrap; Cover;
  397. Smog (Noun) =Fog with atmospheric pollutants;
    Synonyms:  Fog; Smoke;
  398. Unconscionable (Adjective) = Not Reasonable;
    Synonyms: Unethical; Immoral; Unfair; Excessive; Preposterous; Outrageous;
  399. Exacerbate (Verb) =  To increase the severity of condition;
    Synonyms : Infuriate; Aggravate; Intensify; Worsen; Provoke
  400. Confer (Verb) =   To consult together;
    Synonyms: Discuss; Deliberate; Advise; Huddle; Negotiate;
  401. Sustainable (Adjective)  =Allow to Continual reusable;
    Synonyms: Tenable; Viable; Feasible; Continuous;
  402. Commend (Verb) =  To present; To entrust; Praise as worthy of  confidence;
    Synonyms:  Recommend; Praise; Approve; Applaud; Extol;
  403. Modality (Noun) = The state or quality being in particular manner;
    Synonyms :  Approach; Method; Manner; Procedure;
  404. Pursue (Verb) = To follow in order to chase;
    Synonyms :Chase; Follow; Haunt; Accompany; Bait;
  405. Morbidity (Noun) =  The condition or situation being diseased;
    Synonyms: Gloom; Despair; Grief; Malaise; Pessimism;
  406. Hasty (Adjective) = Moving or acting without much thought;
    Synonyms : Rapid; Speed; Quick; Hurried; Urgent;
  407. Transitory (Adjective) =Short lime living or using; Not lasting;
    Synonyms : Temporary; Transient;
  408. Disrupting (Adjective) = Causing trouble or problem in work or in any action;
    Synonyms :  Disturbing; Confusing; Upsetting; Obstreperous; Unruly;
  409. Disbursement (Noun)  =Money paid or spent;
    Synonyms : Expenditure; Spending; Payment; Outlay;
  410. Jubilant (Adjective) = Showing great happiness or joy or satisfaction;
    Synonyms: Exultant; Rejoice; Triumph; Happy; Elated; Euphoric; Glad;
  411. Dampen (Verb) = Making wet or moisten, (or) To dull or deaden; Depress;
    Synonyms  :Dabble; Bedew; Moisten; Rinse; Humidify;
  412. Hazy (Adjective)   = Characterized by the presence of foggy or misty; Lacking clarity or distinctness;
    Synonyms   : Blurred; Cloudy; Misty; Murky; Mushy; Dim; Dusk; Fuzzy;Foggy; Vague; Nebulous;
  413. Unravel (Verb) =To separate  or free from folds or difficulty or complication;
    Synonyms : Unfold; Decipher; Resolve; Solve; Undo; Untangle;
  414. Flush (Noun)  =A sudden excitement or emotion;
    Synonyms : Blush; Crimson; Tint;
  415. Crackdown (Noun)  =Clampdown; Strike; Suppression; Repression;
  416. Sprang (Verb) =Jump; Skip; Bounce; Bolt; Hop; Vault; Recoil;
  417. Pose (Verb) =To assume a particular attitude to impress others;
    Synonyms: Mannerism; Mien; Posture; Act; Attitude; Present; Constitute;
  418. Tactic (Noun)  = An action or strategy planned to achieve something;
    Synonyms:  Plan; Strategy; Scheme; Plan; Manoeuvre;
  419. Ulema = A body of Scholars of Muslim religion or law;
  420. Upending (Verb) =Set on its end
    Synonyms: Invert; Alter; Change; Convert; Renege; Transpose;
  421. Rival  (Noun) =A person or thing competing with another for the same objective;
    Synonyms :  Opponent; Competitor; Challenger; Contestant;
  422. Devoid (Adjective) =Entirely lacking;
    Synonyms :  Free; Lacking; Without;
  423. Backfire (Verb) =Having an opposite effect;
    Synonyms:  Fail; Flop; Boomerang; Rebound; Recoil; Miscarry;
  424. Repercussions (Noun)  =An unintended or unexpected consequence of action;
    Synonyms : Effect; Influence; Fallout; Reverberation; Result;
  425. Maroon (Verb) =To place in an isolated and often dangerous position; Leave or Abandon alone in an inaccessible place (Island);
    Synonyms:   Abandon; Strand; Leave; Cast ashore;
  426. Revival (Verb) =Restoration to life or consciousness or restoration to use;
    Synonyms:   Rebirth; Reawakening; Recovery; Rejuvenation; Resurgence;
  427. Torrential (Adjective) =Rapid falling or flowing in heavy quantities (Rain);
    Synonyms:   Scaturient; Teeming; Swarming; Copious; Exuberant;
  428. Deluge (Noun) =A great flood of water; Inundation;
    Synonyms:  Avalanche; Cataclysm; Spate; Barrage;
  429. Alleviate (Verb) = To lessen; Mitigate; Make easy to endure;
    Synonyms:  Allay; Assuage; Ease; Pacify; Mitigate;
  430. Misery (Noun)  = Wretchedness of conditions or Emotional Distress;
    Synonyms:  Pain; Mental; Agony; Anguish; Despair; Gloom; Squalor;
  431. Catastrophic (Adjective)= Disastrous event;
    Synonyms : Destructive; Calamitous; Cataclysmic; Fatal; Ruinous; Tragic;
  432. Sprawl (Verb) =To be stretched or spread out in an unnatural manner;
    Synonyms : Drape; Recline; Lounge; Ramble; Slouch; Struggle;
  433. Replenish (Verb) =To make full or complete again by supplying lacking sources;
    Synonyms:   Refill; Refresh; Restock; Restore;
  434. Encroach (Verb) =To advance beyond limits; (or) To trespass upon the property;
    Synonyms:   Interloper; Invader; Trespasser;
  435. Exacerbate (Verb)   =  To increase the severity;
    Synonyms:   Aggravate; Annoy; Intensify; Provoke; Worsen;
  436. Escalate (Verb)  =  To increase intensity or magnitude
    Synonyms : Expand; Grow; Intensify; Mount; Raise; Rise;
  437. Exodus (Noun)  =A departure or emigration of large number of people;
    Synonyms:  Departure; Evaculation; Flight; Migration; Egress; Exiting;
  438. Platitude (Noun)=  The quality or state of being flat; dull; or trite;
    Synonyms :  Dull; Banality; Inanity; Chestnut; Insipidity; Triteness;
  439. Transpire (Verb)=   To occur or happen (without object); To emit or give off (with object)
    Synonyms: Arise; Befall; Ensue;
  440. Pragmatic (Adjective)  = Relating to practical considerations;
    Synonyms: Realistic; Sober; Logical; Utilitarian;
  441. Fledgling (Noun) = A young or new one in learning;
    Synonyms : Apprentice; Learner; Novice; Neophyte; Trainee;
  442. Rhetoric (Noun)=   Ability of effective use of language;
    Synonyms  :  Hyperbole; Oratory; Bombast; Wordiness; Eloquence;
  443. Fragile (Adjective) =Easily broken; Shattered; Vulnerably delicate;
    Synonyms : Delicate; Feeble; Frail; Weak;
  444. Empathy (Noun) = Physiological identification of feelings or thoughts;
    Synonyms: Affinity; Appreciation; Compassion; Insight; Pity; Sympathy;
  445. Condemnation(Noun) = Blaming; Conviction; Accusation; Censure; Denunciation;
  446. Pander (Verb) =Gratify or Indulge (Immoral)
    Synonyms: Satisfy; Indulge; fulfil;
  447. Repatriate (Verb) = To bring or send back;
    Synonyms :  Deport; Deliver; Extradite;
  448. Taint (Verb) =To contaminate or spoil; Affected with something bad;
    Synonyms : Contamination; Corruption; Stigma; Blemish; Defect;
  449. Grapple (Verb) = To seize another; To hold or make fast to something;
    Synonyms :  Grab; Wrestle; Confront; Contend; Cope; Deal with;
  450. Fray (Noun) =  A competition or contest; Battle or Quarrel;
    Synonyms :  Fight; Battle; Fracas; Melee; Combat; Clash;
  451. Expedite (Verb)  = To speed up the process of or hasten;
    Synonyms :  Accelerate; Assist; Urge; Quicken; Speed;
  452. Gingerly (Adjective) =With great care or caution;
    Synonyms:  Careful; Cautious; Dainty; Fastidious; Chary; Guarded;
  453. Apparent (Adjective)  =Readily seen or exposed to light; Open to view;
    Synonyms:  Seeming; Possible; Probable; Supposed; Illusive;
  454. Inherent (Adjective) = Existing in something as a permanent and inseparable;
    Synonyms: Innately; Naturally; Intrinsically; Genetically;
  455. Languid (Adjective) = Lacking in vitality or vigor;  Lacking in spirit or interest;
    Synonyms: Drooping; Dull; Illness; Languorous; Lazy; Lethargic; Lazy;
  456. Redound (Verb)  = To have effect or result;
    Synonyms :  React; Recoil; Deflect;
  457. Engender (Verb = To produce or cause; Give rise to;
    Synonyms :  Arouse; Beget; Breed; Foment; Incite; Induce; Instigate;
  458. Expediency (Noun)  = The quality of being worth or advantageous or advisability;
    Synonyms :  Advantage; Desirability; Helpfulness; Aptness; Pragmatism;
  459. Formidable = Causing fear or dread or apprehension; Qualities of discouraging;
    Synonyms :  Ghastly; Horrendous; Dread; Forbidding; Menace; Daunt; Dire;
  460. Surge  =  A sudden strong wave-like rising or forward movement;
    Synonyms :  Deluge; Growth; Swell; Wave; Rise; Billow;
  461. Sustain= To give relief or support;
    Synonyms :  Bolster; Preserve; Buoy; Defend; Assist; Nourish; Nurture;
  462. Reiterate= Repeatedly or excessively saying or doing;
    Synonyms:  Echo; Renew; Repeat; Restate; Replicate; Reprise; Redo;
  463. Pursue = To follow in order to overtake or capture or kill;
    Synonyms : Seek; Haunt; Badger; Go after; Chase; Bait; Trail; Plague;
  464. Insolvency  =  A state of being insolvent; Inability to pay debts;
    Synonyms :  Bankruptcy; Deterioration; Breakdown; Implosion; Inadequacy;
  465. Bankruptcy = The state or condition of failure or ruin;
    Synonyms :Failure; Insolvency; Loss; Liquidation; Disaster; Indigence;
    Destitution; Nonpayment; Defalcation; Repudiation; Privation;
  466. Statutory =  Related to law enacted by the legislative branch of government;
    Synonyms: Legal; Lawful; Judicial;
  467. Sought=  Look for; To go in search of; To try to discover;
    Synonyms: Desired; Hunted; Needed;
  468. Contrast = Compare in respect to differences;
    Synonyms: Comparison; Contradiction; Disagreement; Disparity; Distinct;
  469. Cumbersome =Feeling like burdensome or troublesome due to bulky or heavy;
    Synonyms: Bulky; Unwieldy; Tiresome; Embarrassing; Inconvenient;
  470. Agglomerate = To gather into a mass or group or cluster;
    Synonyms: Aggregate; Collection; Cluster; Mass; Lump;
  471. Acquisition = The act of acquiring or gaining or getting something;
    Synonyms: Addition; Gain; Procurement; Purchase; Attainment;
  472. Perhaps= Possibly but not certainly;
    Synonyms: Maybe; Perchance; As the case may; As it may be;
  473. Conducive  = Tending to helpful or contributive or favorable;
    Synonyms:  Helpful; Useful; Contributory; Accessory; Promotive;
  474. Intimidate = To make or fill with fear or timid;
    Synonyms: Aggressive; Terrifying; Frightening; Bullying; Terrorizing;
  475. Deter = To discourage or restrain from activity;
    Synonyms: Discourage; Dissuade; Inhibit; Avert; Impede; Preclude;
  476. Depose= To make a solemn declaration under oath for the
    purpose of establishing a fact. (or)
    To remove from a position of prominence;
    Synonyms: Demote; Dethrone; Dismiss; Impeach; Unseat;
  477. Vulnerable  =A Situation of that is likely to meet with harm;
    Synonyms: Endangered; Exposed; Liable; Sensitive; Susceptible;
  478. Accuse= Claiming of crime or fault or wrongdoing;
    Synonyms: Charge; Criminate; Defame; Impeach; Indict; Arraign;
  479. Conviction  =A state of mind of concluded or doubtlessness;
    Synonyms: Assurance; Doublessness; Certitude; Surety; Faith;
  480. Reliable =The thing that can be trusted;
    Synonyms: Decent; Dependable; Good; Honest; Predictable; Stable;
  481. Abide  = To continue to be in particular place for specific time;
    Synonyms : Stay; Dwell; Hang; Around; Remain; Stick; Tarry;
  482. Humorous  = Characterized by funny;  Comical;
    Synonyms :  Comic; Funny; Amusing; Hilarious; Playful; Droll; Whimsical;
  483. Alight = To encounter or notice something accidentally; To settle after  descending;
    Synonyms :  Descend; Get off; Disembark; Touch down; Perch;
  484. Effervescent =  The nature of substance escaping from solution in a form of gas or bubbling;
    Synonyms  :Airy; Bouncy; Bubbly; Frothy; Fizz;
  485. Sarcasm=A sharply ironical taunt; Bitter derision;
    Synonyms  :Satire; Scorn; Irony; Rancor; Ridicule; Derision; Cynicism; Contempt;
  486. Scramble = To climb or move quickly; To compete or struggle with others for possession or gain; – With object  To collect or organize in a hurried or confused  manner;
    Synonyms:  Clamber; Contend; Crawl; Jostle; Push; Scurry; Rush; Tussle;
  487. Portray=To make a likeness of by drawing; painting; Describe graphically ;
    Synonyms:   Depict; describe; Illustrate; Interpret; Paint;
  488. Frivolous = Characterised by lack of seriousness or sense;
    Synonyms:   Foolish; Idiotic; Petty; Senseless; Impractical; Barmy;
  489. Stodgy=Uninteresting or tediously commonplace; Boring;
    Synonyms:   Boring; Monotonous; Pedantic; Plodding; Ponderous; Staid;
  490. Deprecatory= Of the nature of or expressing disapproval or depreciation;
    Synonyms: Belittling; Critical; Deprecative; Derogative;
  491. Subversive =Tending or intending to overthrow or downfall or undermine;
    Synonyms:  Corrupt; Debase; Overthrow; Overturn; Pervert; Sabotage;Suppress; Topple;
  492. Insurgent  = A member of a section of a political party that revolts against the methods or policies of the party;
    Synonyms :  Revolutionary; Disobedient; Contumacious; Factious;
  493. Formidable = Causing fear; Apprehension; or dread;
    Synonyms :  Dangerous; Daunting; Dire; Dreadful; Fierce; Impregnable; Menacing;
  494. Harness= To bring under conditions for effective use; gain control over for a particular end;
    Synonyms:  Curb; Exploit; Mobilize; Tackle; Tame; Utilize;
  495. Overhaul  =To make necessary repairs on; Restore to serviceable condition;
    Synonyms:  Fix; Improve; Renew; Modernize; Rebuild; Reconstruct;
  496. Arbitrary  = Subject to individual will or judgement without restriction;
    Synonyms :  Erratic; Irresponsible; Discretionary; Frivolous; Capricious; Willful; Irrational;
  497. Reminiscent = Awakening memories of something similar; Suggestive;
    Synonyms:  Evocative; Redolent; Similar; Implicative; Mnemonic; Remind;
  498. Dissenter =Protestor; Skeptic; Objector; Rebel:
  499. Smack=To have taste; flavour; trace or suggestion;
    Synonyms: Bang; Blip; Blow; Chop; Clap; Clout;
  500. Staging=A temporary platform for support;
    Synonyms  :  Do; Execute; Mount; Organize; Perform;
  501. Hold Up= To set aside or retain;
    Synonyms : Delay; Detain; Hinder; Impede; Stay; Stop;
  502. Nudge =To push slightly or gently to get someone’s attention; Prod someone into action;
    Synonyms: Prod; Jog; Jab; Punch; Push; Shove; Touch;
  503. Expedite = To speed up the process;
    Synonyms : Accelerate; Assist; Facilitate; Hasten; Promote; Quicken; Speed;
    Sluggish =  Slow movement; Not acting or working with energy;
    Synonyms :Heavy; Inactive; Lethargic; Listless; Slack; Slow; Stagnant;
  504. Deliberately = Careful and intentional consideration;
    Synonyms : Consciously; Knowingly; Pointedly; Willfully; Purposely;
  505. Tardiness  =Not on time; Delaying through reluctance;
    Synonyms :  Delay; Slowness; Detention;
  506. Incumbent= Holding an indicated role or position in office;
    Synonyms: Binding; Necessary; Compelling;
  507. Dismay=To break down courage; Dishearten thoroughly;
    Synonyms: Disillusionment; Panic; Terror; Fright; Anxiety; Consternation;
  508. Anguish=To suffer, To inflict with distress;
    Synonyms: Agony; Grief; Misery; Torment; Woe;
  509. Obdurate =Unmoved by persuation;
    Synonyms: Hard; Obstinate; Callous; Unbending; Inflexible; Adamant; Firm;
  510. Detriment =As loss or injury;
    Synonyms:  Adverse; Destructive; Harmful; Hurtful; Injurious; Unfavourable;
  511. Consensus= Majority of opinion; General concord or agreement;
    Synonyms:  Harmony; Accord; Consent; Unity;
  512. Condusive=Tending to produce; Contributive; Favourable;
    Synonyms :  Helpful; Useful;
  513. Hazy=Lacking clarity or distinctness;
    Synonyms: Blurred; Misty; Dusky; Faint; Foggy; Fuzzy; Unclear; Vague;
  514. Strategy= A plan or method for proper action;
    Synonyms : Action; Approach; Design; Method; Policy; Procedure; Program;
  515. Minced =Make less severe or harsh;
    Synonyms :  Crumble; Grind; Cut; Chip;
  516. Bar= To block or to exclude or except;
    Synonyms : Banish; Halt; Close up; Exclude; Inhibit; Illegalize; Barrier;
  517. Legitimate =According to law; or Accordance with established rules;
    Synonyms:  Correct; Genuine; Lawful; Justifiable; Statutory; Appropriate;
  518. Ramp up =To increase or cause to increase;
    Synonyms :  Erect; Hike up; Grade; Rise;
  519. Coalition= A combination or alliance for temporarily; A union into one body
    Synonyms :  Affiliation; Alliance; Amalgam; Combine; Compact;
  520. Strides = Significant progress;
    Synonyms : Stalk; Traipse; Tramp; Stomp;
  521. Lofty =Eminent; High; Elevated;
    Synonyms: Soaring; Towering; Aerial; Airy; High-rise; Skyward;
  522. Pronged  =Braching; Divaaricate;
    Synonyms: Bifurcate; Divided; Branched; Split;
  523. Traverse =To pass or move over;
    Synonyms : Bisect; Cross; Pass through; Go over;
  524. Envisage = To visualize; To contemplate;
    Synonyms : Imagine; Visualize; Consider; Confront;
  525. Cohesive =  Close attachment; Attractive;
    Synonyms : Close-knit; United; Adhesive; Tenacious; Connected;
  526. Wield=To Exercise influence, power as in ruling;
    Synonyms :  Apply; Operate; Possess; Employ; Swing; Exert; Handle; Maintain;
  527. Exaggeration= Act of overstating;
    Synonyms :  Excess; Baloney; Fabrication; Hyperbole; Falsehood;
  528. Criticism = The act of passing judgement; Art of analyzing and evaluating;
    Synonyms :  Assessment; Comment; Critique; Judgement; Opinion; Review;
  529. Charisma =A divinely conferred power;
    Synonyms:  Allure; Glamour; Magnetism; Appeal; Dazzle; Fascination;
  530. Dent =A noticeable effect by reduction;
    Synonyms : Indentation; Incision; Cavity; Crater;
  531. Wooing =To seek favor, affection; to seek to win; to invite one’s own action
    Synonyms : Cultivate; Pursue; Solicit; Address; Beg; Chase; Charm;
  532. Accretion= An increase by natural growth or by external addition;
    Synonyms : Accumulation; Augmentation; Increment; Rise; Accession;
  533. Nascent =Beginning to exist or develop;
    Synonyms : Burgeoning; Fledgling; Growing; Incipient; Promising;
  534. Pursuit= An effort to secure or attain;
    Synonyms:  Hunt; Inquiry; Quest; Tracking; Following;
  535. Recapitalization = Substantial change in a company’s capital structure;
  536. Blend =To mix or intermingle;
    Synonyms : Amalgam; Fusion; Mixture; Concoction; Brew; Combination;
  537. Revive=To reactivate; Take up again; Restore in motion;
    Synonyms : Arouse; Encourage; Energize; Restore; Resurrect; Rejuvenate;
  538. Saddled= To load or charge as with a burden;
    Synonyms: Adhered; Baffled; Fixed; Frozen; Glued; Mired; Stymied;
  539. Wary =Arising from or characterized by caution;
    Synonyms: Attentive; Circumspect; Leery; Distrustful; Prudent; Frugal; Suspicious; Vigilant; Watchful;
  540. Elusive  =Difficult yo find;
    Synonyms: Ambiguous; Fleeting; Illusory; Incomprehensible; Puzzling;
  541. Staggering =To walk, move, or stand unsteadily;
    Synonyms : Amazing; Astonishing; Stunning; Shocking; Astounding;
  542. Adjunct= Added something to another, but not essential;
    Synonyms :  Appendix; Supplement; Aide; Attach;
  543. Constraint =Limitation or restriction;
    Synonyms : Pressure; Restraint; Coercion; Compulsion;
  544. Interlocutor= A person who takes part in a conversation or dialogue.
    Synonyms : Interrogator; Questioner; Interviewer; Speaker;
  545. Indiscriminate =Lacking in care, Judgment; Selectivity;
    Synonyms : Unplanned; Extensive; Haphazard; Aimless;
  546. Valorisation=Increase in the value of capital assets through the application of value-  forming labour in production
    Synonyms:  Restraint; Price-fixing; Price freeze;
  547. Slay=To kill by violence; To Destroy;
    Synonyms  : Killed; Murdered; Assassinated; Dead;
  548. Breach =An act of breaking or failing agreement or to code of conduct;
    Synonyms: Crack; Break; Rift; Rupture; Cleft; Chasm;
  549. Fritter =Waste time, money, or energy on trifling matters;
    Synonyms: Squander; Misuse; Misspend; Squander; Dissipate; Lavish;
  550. Mistify=Utterly bewilder or perplex to someone
    Synonyms : Baffle; Perflex; Confuse; Confound; Bemuse; Bewilder; Obfuscate;
  551. Rein=Check or Guide
    Synonyms : Curb; Control; Direct; Bit; Brake; Restraint;
  552. Fledge=To feed and care for new one/ young one until it is able to fly;
  553. Regime =A system or government or ordered way of doing things.
    Synonyms : Administration; Establishment; Government; Management; Reign;  Rule; System;
  554. Scrutiny = A searching examination or investigation;
    Synonyms: Analysis; Audit; Inquiry; Inspection; Review; Survillance;
  555. Overture =An opening or initiating move toward negotiations; a new relationship, an agreement;
    Synonyms: Bid; Proposal; Invitation; Proposition; Signal; Suggestion;
  556. Woes =Grievous Distress; Affliction; or trouble;
    Synonyms: Adversity; Anguish; Burden; Tragedy; Calamity; Catastrophe;
  557. Reconcile=To cause to accept or be resigned to something not desired; Restore friendly relations between ;
    Synonyms: Accommodate; Appease; Assuage; Coordinate; Pacify; Integrate;
  558. Impede =To retard in movement; Or progress;
    Synonyms: Block; Curb; Cut off; Stymie; Thwart;
  559. Introspection = Examination or Observation of one’s own mental and emotional process;
    Synonyms: Contemplation; Meditation; Reflection; Scrutinity;
  560. Intolerance=Unwillingness or refusal to tolerate/bear/endure/respect opinions or  beliefs.
    Synonyms : Bigotry; Prejudice; Dogmatism;
  561. Fiction= The class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration;
    Synonyms: Book; Drama; Fable; Tale; Narrative; Novel; Imagination;
  562. Incontrovertible= Not open to question or dispute;
    Synonyms :  Accurate; Authentic; Certain; Indisputable; Indubitable; Incontestable;
  563. Ferreting  =To drive out by using or as if using a ferret;
    Synonyms: Beat; Break; Burrow; Excavate; Clear; Clean; Delve;
  564. Offend=To irritate or cause resentful displeasure in;
    Synonyms: Aggrieve; Anger; Annoy; Antagonize; Disgust; Provoke; Sting; Horrify;
  565. Affront =A personally offensive act; Deliberate act;
    Synonyms: Indignity; Provocation; Slight; Abuse; Brickbat;
  566. Enmity= A feeling or condition of hostility; hatred;
    Synonyms : Acrimony; Alienation; Animus; Antagonism; Antipathy; Hostility;
  567. Dissent =To differ in or disagree with other’s sentiment or opinions;
    Synonyms : Discord; Dissension; Disunity; Objection; Opposition; Resistance; Schism;
  568. Absurdity= State or condition of being absurd or ridiculous situation;
    Synonyms : Craziness; Farce; Folly; Foolishness; Idiocy; Insanity; Silliness; Stupidity;
  569. Ludicrous =Causing laughter due to absurdity;
    Synonyms: Bizarre; Comical; Crazy; Fantastic; Farcical; Foolish; Grotesque;
  570. Allegory= A symbolical narrative; Representation of an abstract;
    Synonyms: Apologue; Emblem; Fable; Figuration; Symbolism; Parable; Myth;
  571. Hyperbole = Intentional exaggeration;
    Synonyms: Hype; Metaphor; Overstatement;
  572. Intimidate =To make timid; Fill with fear;
    Synonyms : Dismay; Appall; Awe; Bully; Coerce; Constrain; Daunt; Scare;
  573. Fraternity= A group of persons associated by or as if by ties of brotherhood.
    Synonyms :  Camaraderie; Guild; Sorority; brotherhood;
  574. Bolster=Anything resembling this in form or in use as a support;
    Synonyms: Boost; Buoy; Buttress; Cushion; Help; Reinforce; shore up; Sustain;
  575. Fetter= A shackle or chain for the ankles or feet to restrict movement.
    Synonyms : Bonds; Chains; Check; Captivity; Curb; Hobble; Manacles;
  576. Shield =A cover that protects whatever is behind it.
    Synonyms : Armor; Buffer; Bulwark; Safeguard; Buckler;
  577. Corrupt =Broken morally and performed immoral or illegal acts for personal gain.
    Synonyms :  Crooked; Fraudulent; Nefarious; Rotten; Shady;  Venal: Unscrupulous;
  578. Threaten = To utter intentions of injury or punishment
    Synonyms : Intimidate; Menace; Scare;
  579. Grave= An excavation made in the earth in which to bury a dead body.
    Synonyms : Dignified; Dull; Earnest; Heavy; Muted; Sedate; Sober; Subdued;
  580. Consolidate = To make solid or firm; solidify; strengthen; (or) bring together into a single;
    Synonyms : Build up;Secure; Centralize; Concentrate; Develop; Fortify; Reinforce;
  581. Frivolous= Characterized by lack of seriousness or sense;
    Synonyms: Foolish; Idiotic; Impractical; Petty; Senseless;
  582. Legitimate=According to law; rules or principles;
    Synonyms : Lawful; Consistent; Justifiable; Appropriate; Reasonable; Reliable;
  583. Venality =Openness to bribery or corruption; condition or quality being venal;
    Synonyms: Dishonesty; Sordidness; Vendibility;
  584. Cognizance =A judicial notice as taken by a court in dealing with a cause.
    The right of taking jurisdiction, as possessed by court;
    Synonyms: Attention; bearing; Cognition; Grasp; Heed; Notice; Jurisdiction;
  585. Thwart =To oppose successfully; Prevent from accomplishing a purpose.
    Synonyms : Circumvent; Curb; Defeat; Impede; Obstruct; Stymie; Foil; Counter
  586. Flux =Continuous Change, Passage or movement
    Synonyms: Alteration; Fluctuation; Change; Flow; Modification; Instability; Mutability
  587. Edifice =Any large, complex system or organization;
    Synonyms :  Monument; Skyscraper; Building; Construction; Erection; Habitation;
  588. Ostensibly= Outwardly appearing as such; Professed; Pretended;
    Synonyms :  Evidently; Officially; Seemingly; Supposedly;
  589. Deadlock= A situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement possible;
    Synonyms :  Dilemma; Gridlock; Plight; Predicament; Standoff; Standstill; Impasse;
  590. Elusive =Difficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyze;
    Synonyms : Ambiguous; Fleeting; Illusory; Puzzling; Incomprehensible; Subtle;
  591. Sink= Fall or descend to a lower level;
    Synonyms :  Drop; Drop down; Dip; Decline;
  592. Sparring = Making the motions of attack and defense with the fists and arms;
    Synonyms:  Argue; Quarrel; Bicker; Contend;
  593. Deployment= Distribution of forces in preparation for battle or work;
    Synonyms : Distribution; Formation; Stationing; Arrangement;
  594. Misappropriation = The Fraudulent use of funds owned by others;
    Synonyms :  Desecration; Exploitation; Misconduct; Misdeed; Misuse; Mishandling;
  595. Prop up= Support by placing against something solid or rigid;
    Synonyms:  Brace; Strengthen; Uphold; Bolster; Buoy; Buttress; Shore;
  596. Empower  =Give or delegate power or authority to;
    Synonyms : Allow; Entitle; Entrust; Grant; Permit; Vest; Legitimize;
  597. Faction= A group within larger party or group or organization;
    Synonyms: Gang; Clan; Bloc; Party; Sect; Wing; Junta; Clique;
  598. Harvest=Gathering of ripened crop;
    Synonyms : Intake; Yield; Output;
  599. Revive= Restored to consciousness;
    Synonyms: Arouse; Energize; Invigorate; Rejuvenate; Renovate; Resuscitate;
  600. Conciliatory= Making or willing to make concessions or compromise;
    Synonyms: Appeasing; Disarming; Assuaging; Calm; Peaceable; Mollifying;
  601. Retract =Formally reject or disavow a formerly held belief, usually under pressure;
    Synonyms : Back down; Back off; Cancel; Deny; Disavow; Rescind; Withdraw;
  602. Vibrant =Active; Dynamic; Energetic; Vigorous; Vivid; Lively: Vital;
  603. Debut  =Appearance; Beginning; Introduction; Launching;
  604. Hedge= Barrier; Shrubbery; Fence; Hurdle;
  605. Binding = Essential; Required: Mandatory: Irrevocable; Requisite; Conclusive;
  606. Realm=Dimension; Domain; Field; Territory; Empire; World; Sphere;
  607. Speculation=Consideration; Belief; Cerebration; Cogitation; Deliberation; Opinion;Thought; Conjecture;
  608. Mulling = Deliberate; Examine; Ponder; Contemplate;
  609. Concern= Worry; Interest; Matter; Involvement; Burden;
  610. Outweigh =Prevail; Exceed; Surpass; Overshadow;
  611. Anticipate=Assume; Forecast; Foretell; Prognosticate; Await; Foresee; Forecast;
  612. Prospect=Anticipate; Expectation; Forecast; Hope; Possibility; Probability;
  613. Hostility=Aggression; Animosity; Bitterness; Antipathy; Enmity; Hatred;Opposition;
  614. Mitigation= Cure; Extenuation; Moderation; Reduction; Relief; Remission;
  615. Epidemic= A widespread outbreak of an infectious disease; People are infected at the same time;(Synonyms: Prevalent; Communicable; Contagious; Endemic; Infectious; Pandemic; Rife)
  616. Endorse= (Synonyms: Support; Authorize; Affirmation; Confirmation; Approval;  Ratification; Favor)
  617. Concoction=Any foodstuff made by mixing different ingredients
  618. Curb=  (Synonyms: Control; Hold; Check; Suppress; Inhibit; Subdue; Deny; Rein; Restrict; Restraint; Ledge; Barrier)
  619. Placebo=  Inert medication; inactive chemical substance used in biological experiments;
  620. Scant= (Synonyms: Less; Slight; Short; Bare; Thin; Mere;)
  621. Consequences =  Results
  622. Misconstrue= (Synonyms: Misread; Misinterpret; Exaggerate; Distort;Misunderstand; Pervert; Misjudge; Mistake; )
  623. Surveillance= (Synonyms:Inspection; Examination; Care; Spying; Watch; Scrutiny; Supervision; Vigilance; Wiretap; Track)
  624. Remedy= (Synonyms: Antidote; Countermeasure; Medicine; Fix; Drug; Panacea)
  625. Traditional= (Synonyms: Conventional; Folk; Common; Classic; Historic; Long-                                             established; Regular)

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