Daily English Words The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary-3 July 2018

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary – 3 July 2018

The Hindu Editorial VocabularyEvery day we will provide Today The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary, which improves candidate’s vocabulary in English section for competitive exams. Apart from vocabulary, synonyms, and antonyms and correctly spelled words.

By reading this article, it will help you by saving your time and keeping you on track of vocabulary section. But, the candidate must read Editorial article from the newspaper “THE HINDU”, before going through this, for understanding the concept of Editorial.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary

  • Rationalize (verb) = Trying to justify with logical reasons;
    Synonyms: Defend; Vindicate; Excuse; Justify; Extenuate;
  • Regime (noun) = System of rule;
    Synonyms: Reign; Rule; Tenure; 
  • Marred (verb) = Making spoil or damage or imperfect;
    Synonyms: Hurt; Damage; Taint; Impair; Ruin;
  • Stuttering (noun) = Irregular progress in the system;
    Synonyms: Stammer; Faltering; Halting; Splutter;
  • Augment (verb) = Improve by boosting;
    Synonyms: Enhance; Inflate; Strengthen; Expand;
  • Glitches (noun) = Sudden defects or errors;
    Synonyms: Problem; Defect; Snag; Bug; Flaw; 
  • Snarls (noun) = Disorders or Complications;
    Synonyms: Morass; Complication; Chaos; Threaten;
  • Rhetoric (noun) = The skill of effective long speech with expressions;
    Synonyms: Oratory; Eloquence; Magniloquence; Elocution; Promposity;
  • Buoyancy (noun) = Tendency to float;
    Synonyms: lightness; Resilience; 
  • Imperative (adjective) = Having vital importance;
    Synonyms: Necessary; Compulsory; Crucial; Obligatory;
  • Tinker (verb) = Trying to repair or improve;
    Synonyms: Fiddle with; Dabble; Repair; Putter; Puddle;
  • Populist (noun) = A member if the people’s or democratic party;
    Synonyms: Socialist; Constitutional; Egalitarian; 


  • Mar x Fix; Clean; Adorn; Heal;
  • Augment x Compress; Condense; Reduce; Abridge;
  • Glitches x Advantage; Perfection;
  • Snarls x Calm; Order; Ease; Harmony;
  • Rhetoric x Conciseness;
  • Imperative x Inessential; Insignificant; Unnecessary; 
  • Tinker x Destroy; Break;

Spelling Focus Words to Identify Misspelled Words

  • Regime
  • Stutter
  • Augment
  • Anxiety
  • Criticism
  • Rhetoric
  • Populist
  • Petroleum
  • Fiscal

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