The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Today Collection-2 July 2018

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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Today Collection

The-Hindu-Editorial-Vocabulary Every day we will provide Today The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary, which improves candidate’s vocabulary in English section for competitive exams. Apart from vocabulary, synonyms, and antonyms and correctly spelled words.

By reading this article, it will help you by saving your time and keeping you on track of vocabulary section. But, the candidate must read Editorial article from the newspaper “THE HINDU”, before going through this, for understanding the concept of Editorial.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary

  • Recourse (noun) = Alternative option or source of help in critical condition;
    Synonyms: Remedy; Expedient; Choice; Resort; Help; Refuge; Possibility;
  • Proposal (noun) = Activity of suggesting or presentation for adoption or action;
    Synonyms: Bid; Idea; Motion; Offer; Plan; Scheme; Submission; Approach;
  • Ailing (adjective) = unwell in health or troubled in progress;
    Synonyms: Debilitated; Indisposed; Feeble; Weak; Troubled;
  • Envisage (verb) = Imagination or prediction of the possibility of the event in future;
    Synonyms: Foresee; Predict; Forecast; Expect; Imagine; Visualize;
  • Speculation (noun) Consideration or contemplation or guessing of something;
    Synonyms: Belief; Conjecture; Opinion; Thought; Guesswork;
  • Gloss (noun) = Superficial shining;
    Synonyms: Sheen; Glaze; Gleam; Polish; Luster; Silkiness;
  • Waive (verb) = Give up or refrain from using;
    Synonyms: Abandon; Let go; Reject; Surrender; Abjure; Relinquish; 
  • Contagion (noun) = Spreading thing by direct or indirect contact;
    Synonyms: Taint; Transmission; Infirmity; Pestilence; Contamination;


  • Recourse x Blockage; Hindrance; Obstruction;
  • Proposal x Condemnation; Refusal;
  • Ailing x Able; Well; Fit;
  • Envisage x Disregard; Ignore;
  • Speculation x Reality; Truth; Disdain; Ignorance;
  • Waive x Hold; Keep’ Retain; Carry out; Claim;
  • Contagion x Purification; Cleanliness;

Spelling Focus Words to Identify Misspelled Words

  • Recourse
  • Insurance
  • Acquire
  • Consequence
  • Assets
  • Premium
  • Fiscal
  • Waive
  • Insurer
  • Enterprise
  • Investor
  • Transaction
  • Contagion

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Collection – 02 July 2018

The-Hindu-Editorial-Vocabulary [Cram Pal]

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