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Quantitative Aptitude Tricks

What are the Content Key Points in Quantitative Aptitude Tricks?

Dear Aspirant, We provided complete beginners guide on Aptitude Test with Quantitative Aptitude Tricks and shortcuts for the preparation of the aptitude test, those are very important in scoring. Different types of examples are discussed with important aptitude formulas to learn quantitative aptitude easily. For every chapter, we discussed shortcut methods and aptitude tricks to solve in a quick way.

What are the Aim and Objective of Aptitude Tricks and Aptitude Shortcuts?

The aim of this guide to make the topics easier for understanding from the basics of each topic. The aspirant those are going to prepare for different competitive exams like Bank exams and other entrance exams like CAT, GMAT need strategic preparation for every topic.

For whom, these shortcut methods in quantitative aptitude -aptitude tricks helpful and covered which Competitive Exams?

Here, the following topics from Quantitative Aptitude or Arithmetic are common for most competitive exams including and especially focusing on aptitude shortcuts for bank exams like below and other exams.


Insurance Sector: LIC, NIACL, UIIC

Central Employment Competitive Exams: RRB, SSC- CGL, SSC-CHSL, SSC-MTS and other exams DRDO, AFCAT, Defence Sector, Police – SI, Constable and Navy Recruitment.

So most of the competitive exams having common topics from the Aptitude or Arithmetic section. Scoring good marks in aptitude section required Speed in the calculation and more accuracy (maximum correct attempts among all the questions). These two qualities are mandatory for every aspirant who wants to score more in the aptitude section.

How to Solve Quantitative Aptitude Problems Faster?

To solve aptitude problems faster, first of all, the candidate should be perfect in simple calculations like Multiplications, Squares, Square roots, Cube and Cube root values and power and also must know basic aptitude formulas, then-candidate will calculate mentally smaller calculations in mind without a pen.  For that purpose, we provided in the below first topic, before starting to learn core part of shortcut tricks to solve quantitative aptitude questions.

What are the Topic Highlights in the Aptitude Tips and Tricks?

We provided below every topic from Quantitative Aptitude with the following strategy;

  1. Basics Concepts of every topic to gain perfection in the understanding of given problems.
  2. Formulas to be used according to the concept of the problem.
  3. The way of approaching to solve the problem in less time.
  4. Shortcut Aptitude Tips and Tricks to solve the problem in a quick way.
  5. Explanation of solved Examples for understanding the pattern of the given question.
  6. Finally, the practice quiz course to increase the speed of calculation and to increase the correct attempts of questions.


Before starting the preparation, the aspirant must learn minimum basics of calculation as multiplication tables, squares, square root values, Cube Values, Cube root values etc.


Start Here Your Preparation for Quantitative Aptitude

30 Common Quantitative Aptitude Topics for All Competitive Exams – 2020-21


Quantitative Aptitude Tricks – Fundamentals 

  1. Tables, Powers, Squares, Square roots, Cubes, Cube Roots
  2. Fractions and Decimals
  3. Number System – Important Concepts and Divisibility Rules

Quantitative Aptitude Tricks – Simplification 

  1. Multiplications – Shortcut Methods
  2. Finding of Square Value – Shortcut Method
  3. Square Root Value – Shortcut Method
  4. Finding Cube Value – Shortcut Method
  5. Cube Root Value – Shortcut Method
  6. Additions
  7. BODMAS Rule – Problems Tricks
  8. Surds and Indices
  9. LCM and HCF

Number Series – Solved Problems and Shortcut Methods

Aptitude Concepts of Miscellaneous Chapters – Tricks and Shortcut Methods

  1. Average Concepts and Solved Problems
  2. Age Calculation Concepts
  3. Percentage Concept-Based Problems
  4. Profit and Loss – Discount
  5. Ratio and Proportion
  6. Time and Work
  7. Pipes and Cisterns
  8. Speed, Time and Distance
  9. Train Concept Base Problems and Tricks
  10. Boats and Streams
  11. Alligation and Mixture
  12. Simple Interest
  13. Compound Interest
  14. Probability
  15. Permutations and Combinations
  16. Mensuration – Area, Perimeter, Volume
  17. Mensuration Formula Sheet PDF
  18. Trigonometry

Recommended Books for Practice

Best Recommended Books for Quantitative Aptitude

Quiz Source

We will soon provide compatible quiz programme for every topic. At present, you can go for a quiz at indiabix


We tried with our best efforts to make content with formulas, problems and images for easy understanding of aspirants. All the content here provided having accurate values and some of the content may be having unintentional false values.

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