List of 1000 plus Difficult Synonyms-Difficult Antonyms


List of Difficult Synonyms-Difficult Antonyms

Here, in this article we shared difficult synonyms-difficult antonyms as we frequently used in geeral english, take alook of following 1000 plus list of difficult synonyms and antonyms.

(A) Difficult Synonyms

  1. Rationalize (verb)
    Synonyms: Defend; Vindicate; Excuse; Justify; Extenuate;
  2. Regime (noun)
    Synonyms: Reign; Rule; Tenure;
  3. Marred (verb)
    Synonyms: Hurt; Damage; Taint; Impair; Ruin;
  4. Stuttering (noun)
    Synonyms: Stammer; Faltering; Halting; Splutter;
  5. Augment (verb)
    Synonyms: Enhance; Inflate; Strengthen; Expand;
  6. Glitches (noun)
    Synonyms: Problem; Defect; Snag; Bug; Flaw;
  7. Snarls (noun)
    Synonyms: Morass; Complication; Chaos; Threaten;
  8. Rhetoric (noun)
    Synonyms: Oratory; Eloquence; Magniloquence; Elocution; Promposity;
  9. Buoyancy (noun)
    Synonyms: lightness; Resilience;
  10. Imperative (adjective)
    Synonyms: Necessary; Compulsory; Crucial; Obligatory;
  11. Tinker (verb)
    Synonyms: Fiddle with; Dabble; Repair; Putter; Puddle;
  12. Populist (noun)
    Synonyms: Socialist; Constitutional; Egalitarian;
  13. Recourse (noun)
    Synonyms: Remedy; Expedient; Choice; Resort; Help; Refuge; Possibility;
  14. Proposal (noun)
    Synonyms: Bid; Idea; Motion; Offer; Plan; Scheme; Submission; Approach;
  15. Ailing (adjective)
    Synonyms: Debilitated; Indisposed; Feeble; Weak; Troubled;
  16. Envisage (verb)
    Synonyms: Foresee; Predict; Forecast; Expect; Imagine; Visualize;
  17. Speculation (noun)
    Synonyms: Belief; Conjecture; Opinion; Thought; Guesswork;
  18. Gloss (noun)
    Synonyms: Sheen; Glaze; Gleam; Polish; Luster; Silkiness;
  19. Waive (verb)
    Synonyms: Abandon; Let go; Reject; Surrender; Abjure; Relinquish;
  20. Contagion (noun) Synonyms: Taint; Transmission; Infirmity; Pestilence; Contamination;
  21. Implication (noun)
     Synonyms: Significance; Assumption; Indication; Conclusion;
  22. Ambit (noun)
    Synonyms: Extent; Space; Range;
  23. Autonomy (noun)
    Synonyms:  Freedom; Independence; Sovereignty; Liberty;
  24. Contentious (adjective) Synonyms: Combative; Quarrelsome; Argumentive; Antagonistic;
  25. Flaw (noun)
    Synonyms: Fault; Deficiency; Inadequacy; Blemish; Bugs;
  26. Corpus (noun)
    Synonyms: Compilation; Core; Body; Entity;
  27. Weed out
    Synonyms: Decrease; Diminish; Weaken; Trim;
  28. Dubious (adjective)
    Synonyms: Arguable; Debatable; Hesitant; Unreliable; Improbable;
  29. Prosecution (noun)
    Synonyms: Accomplishment; Execution; Undertaking; Pursuit; Achievement;
  30. Doldrums (noun)
    Synonyms: Depression; Melancholy, Gloom; Slump; Stupor; Boredom;
  31. Instance (noun)
    Synonyms: Situation; Example; Occasion; Proof;
  32. Overwhelming (adjective)
    Synonyms: Profuse; Enormous; Massive; Prodigious; Stupendous; Vast;
  33. Gauge (verb)
    Synonyms: Criterion; Indicator; Degree; Benchmark;
  34. Crises (noun)
    Synonyms: Crunch; Disaster; Impasse; Confrontation;
  35. Taper (verb)
    Synonyms:  Decrease; Lessen; Recede; Dwindle;
  36. Tantrum (noun)
    Synonyms: Outburst; Flare-up; Conniption; Temper;
  37. Bottoming out (verb)
    Synonyms: Move; Shift; Change; Alter;
  38. Crisis (noun)
    Synonyms: Trouble; Disaster; Dilemma; Crunch; Emergency; Confrontation;
  39. Impeded (verb)
     Synonyms: Hinder; Curb; Obstruct; Stymie; Thwart; Retard; Hamper; Deter;
  40. Deteriorating (verb)
     Synonyms: Degenerate; Decay; Decline; Depreciate; Crumble; Languish;
  41. Clocking (verb)
    Synonyms: Audit; Investigate; Observe; Scrutinize; Supervise;
  42. Commodity (noun)
    Synonyms: Asset; Goods; Material; Product; Stock; Property;
  43. Prone (adjective)
    Synonyms: Vulnerable; Liable; Susceptible;
  44. Insolvency (noun)
    Synonyms: Liquidation; Failure; Ruin; bankruptcy; Implosion; Inadequacy;
  45. Bankruptcy (noun)
    Synonyms: Failure; Loss; Liquidation; Disaster;
  46. Segregate (verb)
    Synonyms: Isolate; Insulate; Dissociate; Sequester;
  47. Disruptive (adjective)
    Synonyms: Disturbing; Upsetting; Unruly; riotous;
  48. Resilience (noun)
    Synonyms: Flexibility; Pliancy; Recoil;
  49. Stemming (verb)
    Synonyms: Arise; Derive; Spring; Develop;
  50. Imperative (adjective)
    Synonyms: Vital; Critical; Necessary; Compulsory;
  51. Patchy (adjective)
    Synonyms: Erratic; Irregular; Uneven;
  52. Lackadaisical (adjective)
    Synonyms: Careless; lazy; Unenthusiastic; Uninterested; Lethargic;
  53. Tackle (noun)
    Synonyms: Intercept; Challenge; Block;
  54. Undernourishment (adjective)
    Synonyms: Starvation; Hunger; Malnourished;
  55. Reform (verb)
    Synonyms: Correction; Rectify; Amend; Improve; Rehabilitate; Renovate;
  56. Endure (verb)
    Synonyms: Tolerate; Face; Feel; Suffer; Sustain; Weather; Withstand;
  57. Deprivation (noun)
    Synonyms: Poverty; Impoverishment; Penury; Privation; Hardship; Destitution;
  58. Conflict (noun)
    Synonyms: Battle; Clash; Combat; Rivalry; Struggle;
  59. Confound (verb)
    Synonyms: Amaze; Embarrass; Surprise; Astonish; Confuse; Perplex; Bewilder;
  60. Stunting (verb)
    Synonyms: Abate; Curtail; Curb; Decelerate; Diminish; Slacken; Retard;
  61. Disparities (noun)
    : Difference; Imbalance; Inequalities; Variation;
  62. Slapped (noun)
    Synonyms: Blip; Blow; Punch; whack; Strike; Spank; Smack; Clout; Cuff; Thwack;
  63. Enmity (noun)
    Synonyms: Animosity; Antagonism; Antipathy; Rivalry; Opposition;
  64. Appalling (adjective)
     Synonyms: Horrific; Terrible; Ghastly; Astounding; Frightful;
  65. Protracted (adjective)
    Synonyms: Extensive; Lengthen; Expanded; Sustained; Elongated;
  66. Agitation (noun)
    Synonyms: Turbulence; Anxiety; Unrest; Stirring; Disturbance;
  67. Divergent (adjective)
    Synonyms: Dissimilar; Unlike; Different;
  68. Vindictive (adjective)
     Synonyms: Revengeful; Hateful; Ruthless; Unforgiving; Vengeful;
  69. Patronage (noun)
    Synonyms: Sponsorship; Funding; Assistance; Guaranty; Encouragement;
  70. Apprehension (noun)
    Synonyms: Anxiety; Alarm; Panic; Dread; Unease; Concern; Tension;
  71. Disarray (noun)
    Synonyms: Anarchy; Confusion; Mess;
  72. Impact (noun)
    Synonyms: Effect; Impression; Consequences;
  73. Staggering (adjcetive)
    Synonyms: Stunning; Shocking; Astonishing; Astounding;
  74. Threaten (verb)
    Synonyms: Intimidate; Menace; Scare; Frighten;
  75. Cutlery (noun)
     Synonyms: Silverware of cutting utensils; Knives; Forks;
  76. Compost (noun)
    Synonyms: Fertilizer; Humus; Peat;
  77. Malaise (noun)
    Depression; Sickness; Despair; Illness; Unease;
  78. Distress (noun)
     Synonyms: Pain; Agony; Affliction; Ache; Anguish; Grief; Concern;
  79. Inching (verb)
    Crawling; Quailing; Shambling; Groveling;
  80.  Regime (noun)
    Leadership; Administration; Management; Reign;
  81.  Procurement (noun)
    Obtaining; Acquisition; Attainment; Acquirement; Appropriation;
  82. Glut (verb)
    Overabundance; Superfluity; Oversupply; Saturation; Surplus;
  83. Culmination (noun)
    Conclusion; Pinnacle; Apex; Climax; Acme;
  84. Agitation (noun)
    Disturbance: Shaking: Mixing; Turmoil; Turbulence;
  85. Strapped (adjective)
    Impoverish; Destitute; Beggared;
  86. Tangible (adjective)
    Tactile; Palpable; Real; Substantial; Corporeal;
  87. Dithering (verb)
    Ambivalent; Doubtful; Uncertain; Hesitant; Unclear; Wavering;
  88. Flak (noun)
    Synonyms: Abuse; Hostility; Censure; Opposition; Disparagement;
  89. Gearing Up
    Synonyms: Arrange; Brace; Equip; Fit; Fortify; Organize;
  90. Intensify (verb)
    Synonyms: Aggravate; Quicken; Boost; Deepen; Exacerbate; Sharpen;
  91. Fangle (verb) = A new Fashion or Event;
  92. Reluctance (noun)
    Synonyms: Hesitation; Diffidence; Timidity; Trepidation; Demurral; Vacillation;
  93. Amplification (noun)
    Synonyms: Elaboration; Enlargement; Exaggeration; Magnification;
  94. Anomaly (noun)
    Synonyms: Aberration; Abnormality; Deviation; Irregularity; Inconsistency;
  95. Embolden (verb)
     Synonyms: Buoy; Energize; Inspire; Invigorate; Spur; Sway;
  96. Corollary (noun)
    Synonyms: Conclusion; Deduction; End Result; Consequence;
  97. Inflation (noun)
    Synonyms: Increase; Hike; Rise; Boom; Expansion;
  98. Pace (noun)
    Synonyms: Velocity; Rapidity; Swiftness; Momentum;
  99. Brisk (adjective)
    Synonyms: Quick; Rapid; Fast; Swift; Speedy; Spry;
  100. Cheer (noun)
    Synonyms : Joy; Delight; Optimism; Encouragement; Happiness;
  101. Propel (verb)
    Synonyms : Throw; Release into air; Shoot; Thrust; Spur; Force; Catapult; Impel;
  102. Optimism (noun)
    Synonyms : Confidence; Trust; Elation; Happiness; Enthusiasm; Buoyancy; Cheerfulness;
  103. Heartening (adjective)
    Synonyms : Cheering; Promising; Reassuring; Supportive;
  104. Contraction (noun)
    Synonyms : Reduction; Deflation; Shrinkage; Decrease; Recession;
  105. Sustain (verb)
    Synonyms : Assist; Comfort; Help; Continue;Preserve;
  106. Revival (noun)
    Synonyms : Recovery; Rejuvenation; Resurrection; Renewal;
  107. Languish (verb)
    Synonyms : Deteriorate; Dwindle; Faint; Suffer; Weaken;
  108. Eschew (verb)
    Synonyms : Abandon; Avoid; Renounce; Shun; Swear off;
  109. Populism (noun)
    Synonyms : Socialism; Democratic; Constitutional; Egalitarian;
  110. Cheer (noun)
    Synonyms : Joy; Delight; Optimism; Encouragement; Happiness;
  111. Evoke (verb)
    Synonyms: Induce; Stimulate;Elicit; Invoke; Provoke; Conjure; Recall;
  112. Coalition (noun)
    Synonyms: Allied Group; Association; Affiliation; Confederation; Conjunction; Fusion;
  113. Erosion (noun)
    Synonyms: Deterioration; Corrosion; Abrasion; Attrition; Destruction; Wearing away;
  114. Rapprochement (noun)
    Synonyms: Detente; Harmony; Reunion; Friendliness;
  115. Retain (verb)
     Synonyms: Absorb; Contain; Possess; Preserve; Contain; Keep;
  116. Alliance (noun)
    Synonyms:  Accord; Compact; Affiliation; Federation;
  117. Polarization (noun)
    Synonyms: Dispersal; Diffusion; Dissipation; Divergence; Scattering;
  118. Ally (noun)
    Synonyms: Associate; Partner; Friend; Collaborator;
  119. Wrest (verb)
    Synonyms: Wrench; Snatch; Grab; Pull; Jerk; Twist; Dislodge; Extract;
  120. Thwart (verb)
    Synonyms: Stop; Hinder; Curb; Check; Impede;
  121. Juggernaut (noun)
    Synonyms: Bandwagon; Blitz; Cavalcade; Barrage; Campaign;
  122. Pragmatism (noun)
    Synonyms: Disdain; Assumption; Egotism; Patronage; Conceit;
  123. Brazen (adjective)
     Synonyms: Bold; Shameless; Unabashed; UNashamed; Immodest; Audacious;
  124. Coalition (noun)
    Synonyms: Alliance; Union; Partnership; Affiliation;
  125. Cessation (noun)
    Synonyms:  Finish; Freeze; Halt; Break; Cease; Discontinuance;
  126. Retaliate (verb)
    Synonyms: Respond; React; Reply; Reciprocate;
  127. Alienation (noun)
    Synonyms: Divide; Divorce; Separation; Estrangement; Disaffection;
  128. Spiralling (verb)
    Synonyms: Revolve; Circle; Furl; Rotate;
  129. Arbitrary (adjective)
    Synonyms: Chance; Capricious; Discretionary; Whimsical; Willful; Irrational;
  130. Abandon (noun)
    Synonyms: Renounce; Relinquish; Disclaim; Disown; Disavow;
  131. Propriety (noun)
    Synonyms: Appropriateness; Suitableness; Correctness; Morality; Decorum;
  132. Privilege (noun)
    Synonyms: Right; Due; Freedom; Advantage; Benefit;
  133. Deficit (noun)
    Synonyms: Shortage; Deficiency; Arrears; Scantiness; Inadequacy; Paucity;
  134. Dilemma (noun)
    Synonyms: Puzzle; Impasse; Mess; Plight; Quandary; Difficulty; Predicament;
  135. Dwindling (verb)
    Synonyms: Waste away; Taper off; Abate; Decay; Decline; Wane; Wither;
  136. Depreciating (verb)
    Synonyms: Lessening; Diminish; Devalue;
  137. Stumbling (verb)
    Synonyms: Slip; Stagger; Bumble; Limp; Lurch; Falter; Flounder;
  138. Hooked (adjective)
    Synonyms: Absorbed; Enamored; Obsessed; Depended;
  139. Scupper (verb)
    Synonyms: Sink; Scuttle; Submerge; Ruin; Wreck; Destroy;
  140. Mustered (verb)
    Synonyms: Assemble; Gather; Collect; Organize; Marshal; Convene;
  141. Apportion (verb)
    Synonyms: Allocate; Allot; Assign; Administer;
  142. Riparian (adjective)
    Synonyms: Coastal; Littoral; Riverine; Waterside;
  143. Ambiguous (adjective)
    Synonyms: Cryptic; Dubious; Enigmatic; Equivocal; Unclear; Vague;
  144. Dragged (verb)
    Synonyms: Haul; Pull; Draw; Tug; Heave; Lug; Tow; Yank;
  145. Rigorous (adjective)
    Synonyms: Brutal; Stringent; Accurate; Scrupulous; Strict; Precise;
  146. Adjudication (noun)
    Synonyms: Conclusion; Determination; Decision; Verdict;
  147. Disquiet (noun)
    Synonyms: Mental upset; Anxiety; Ferment; Nervousness; Angst;
  148. Exaggeration (noun)
    Synonyms: Overstatement; Dramatization; Overemphasis; Embellishment; Misjudgment;
  149. Inevitably (adverb)
    Synonyms: Necessarily; Surely;
  150. Legitimacy (noun)
    Synonyms: Legality; Justice; Lawfulness; Validity; Authority;
  151. Alien (adjective)
    Synonyms: Non-native; Foreign; Incongruous;
  152. Deport (verb)
    Synonyms: Banish; Dismiss; Expel; Exile; Oust; Relegate;
  153. Detractor (verb)
    Synonyms: Derogator; Critic; Defamer; Depreciator;
  154. Persecution (noun)
    Synonyms: Oppression; Victimization; Affliction; Expulsion; Ill-treatment; Massacre;
  155. Chavunism (noun)
    Synonyms: Jingoism; Fanaticism; Nationalism; Zealotry;
  156. Conflate (verb)
    Synonyms: Merge; Combine; Meld; Unify; Consolidate; Amalgamate;
  157. Duress (noun)
    Synonyms: Threat; Hardship; Coercion; Bondage; Detention;
  158. Contradiction (noun)
    Synonyms: Conflict; Difference; Disagree; Inconsistency;
  159. Assertion (noun)
    Synonyms: Positive statement; Affirmation; Allegation; Insistence;
  160. Elevation (noun)
    Synonyms: Promotion; Advance; Upgrading; Preferment;
  161. Propriety (noun)
    Synonyms: Suitableness; Appropriateness; Decorum; Correctness; Legitamacy;
  162. Collegium (noun) = Group of advisory or ruling officials:
  163. Reiterate (verb)
    Synonyms: Echo; Renew; Repeat; Restate;
  164. Quash (verb)
    Synonyms: Cancel; Repeal; Revoke; Disallow; Nullify; Retract; Void;
  165. Expeditious (adjective)
    Synonyms: Fast; Hasty; Hurried; Double-time; Rapid; Efficient;
  166. Vitiate (verb)
    Synonyms: Destroy; Quash; Annihilate; Negate; Abolish; Pervert;
  167. Intransigence (noun)
    Synonyms: Stubbornness; Inflexibility; Obstinacy; Mulishness; Grimness; Rigidity
  168. Repercussion (noun)
    Synonyms: Effect; Impact; Influence; Reaction; Fallout;
  169. Verdict (noun)
    Synonyms: Law judgment; Conclusion; Opinion; Decision;
  170. Fillip (noun)
    Synonyms: Stimulate; Boost; Excite; Charge;
  171. Boast (verb)
    Synonyms: Brag; Source of pride; Bluster; Avowal; Exaggeration;
  172. Contend (verb)
    Synonyms: Compete; Adverse; Oppose; Challenge; Rivalry;
  173. Perceive (verb)
    Synonyms: Notice; See; Discern; Feel; Grasp; Observe; Realize;
  174. Shrewdly (adverb)
    Synonyms: Astutely; Ably; Artfully; Keenly; Smartly; Skillfully; Cleverly;
  175. Cynic (noun)
    Synonyms: Non believer; Detractor; Pessimist; Misanthrope; Egoist; Flouter;
  176. Embroiled (verb)
    Synonyms: Enmesh; Entangle; Ensnare; Mire; Implicate;
  177. Incumbency (noun)
    Synonyms: Tenure; Grasp; Administration; Clench; Hold; Regime;
  178. Rival (adjective)
    Synonyms: Competing; Opposing; Conflicting; Combating; Vying;
  179. Speculate (verb)
    Synonyms: Contemplate; Figure out; Guess; Hypothesize; Reflect;
  180. Paradigm (noun)
    Synonyms: Ideal; Pattern; Model; Criterion;
  181. Peddling (verb)
    Synonyms: Sell door to door; Hawk; Solicit; Canvas;
  182. Ostensibly (adverb)
    Synonyms: Evidently; Officially; Apparently; Seemingly;
  183. Ruffle (verb)
    Synonyms: Mess up; Dishevel; Rumple; Crush;
  184. Deal (Noun) 
    Synonyms: Agreement, Bargain; Contract; Pact; Arrangement; Accord; Compromise;
  185. Retreat (Noun) 
    Synonyms : Evacuation; Withdrawal;
  186. Undermined (Verb) 
     Synonyms: Weaken; Blunt; Threaten; Ruin; Sabotage; Subvert;
  187. Diplomacy (Noun) 
     Synonyms: Negotiation; Politics; Statecraft; Delicacy;
  188. Curtail (Verb)
     Synonyms : Abridge; Shorten; Trim; Diminish; Hait; Reduce;
  189. Wreck (Noun)
    Synonyms: Collapse; Crash; Debris; Ruin; Junk;
  190. Enrich (Verb)
    Synonyms: Augment; Develop; Enhance; Endow; Supplement;
  191. Embolden (Verb)
     Synonyms: Energize; Inspire; Buoy; Invigorate; Sway; Spur;
  192. Tumultuous (Adjective)
    Synonyms: Confused; Boisterous; Hectic; Riotous; Raucous;
  193. Stalemate (Noun)
    Synonyms:  Deadlock; Delay; Gridlock; Impasse; Standoff;
  194. Obstructionism (Noun) = Deliberately or intentionally delaying legal or legislative
  195. Consensus (Noun)
    Synonyms : Agreement; Harmony; Concord; Accord;
  196. Thwart (Verb)
    Synonyms:  Stop; Hinder; Oppose; Curb; Counter; Stymie;    
  197. Conted (Verb)
    Synonyms : Compete; Fight; Argue; Confront; Cope; Dispute; Grapple;
  198. Distort (Verb)
     Synonyms : Twist; Warp; Contort; Bend; Deform; Misshape;
  199. Offset (Verb)
    Synonyms :  Balance; Counteract; Equal; Negate; Neutralize;
  200. Revival (Noun)
    Synonyms:  Rebirth; Reawakening; Resurgence; Rejuvenation; Renaissance;
  201. Woe (Noun)
     Synonyms:  Misery; Distress; Despondency; Despair; Desolation; Suffering;
  202. Gloom (Noun)
    Synonyms : Melancholy; Depression; Anguish; Bitterness; Pessimism;
  203. Fragile (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Delicate; Feeble; Frail; Weak; Dainty;
  204. Slump (Noun)
    Synonyms  Decline; Failure; Collapse; Crash; Depreciation; Dip; Fall;
  205. Inflation (Noun)
     Synonyms: Increasing; Swelling; Boom; Expansion; Hike; Rise;
  206. Sustain (Verb)
     Synonyms : Assist; Bolster; Buoy; Continue; Defend;
  207. Adultery (Noun)
    Synonyms : Infidelity; Extramarital affair; Affair; Fling; Matinee;
  208. Absolve (Verb)
    Synonyms : Acquit; Exempt; Exonerate; Forgive; Pardon; Relieve; Vindicate;
  209. Connivance (Noun)
     Synonyms : Plot; Cabal; Conspiracy; Intrigue; Scheme; Machination;
  210. Aggrieved (Adjective)
    Synonyms: Disturbed; Grieving; Oppressed; Persecuted; Hurt; Afflicted; Resentful; Indignant; Vexed; Anguished;
  211. Culpability (Noun)
    Synonyms: Guilt; Blame; Fault; Responsibility; Liability;
  212. Consensual (Adjective)
    Synonyms: Unanimous; Consistent; Acceptance; Unified; United; Universal; Concordant; Accordant;
  213. Alliance (Noun)
    Synonyms : Association; Accord; Affiliation; Betrothal; Collaboration;
  214. Leftists (Noun)
    Synonyms: Agitator; Anarchist; Demagogue; Zealot; Propagandist;
  215. Incumbent (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Compelling; Binding; Urgent; Necessary; Obligatory;
  216. Wrangling (Verb)
    Synonyms : Fight; Argue; Bicker; Disagree; Quibble; Tangle; Squabble;
  217. Introspect (Verb)
    Synonyms : Self analysis; Brooding; Soul-searching;
  218. Blight (Verb)
    Synonyms: Mar; Taint; Blast; Damage; Decay; Crush; Shrivel;Wither; Wreck;
  219. Helm (Noun)
    Synonyms: Wheel; Command; Control; Rudder; Tiller;
  220. Cronyism (Noun)
    Synonyms: Patronage; Civility; Deference; Deigning; Insolence; Stooping;
  221. Pervasive (Adjective)
    Synonyms: Extensive; Common; Inescapable; Prevalent; Rife; Ubiquitous; Universal;
  222. Reckoning (Noun)
    Synonyms : Computation; Check; Ciphering; Settlement; Grunt;
  223. Explicit (Adjective)
    Synonyms: Clear; Direct; Plain; Obvious; Blunt; Precise; Exact;
  224. Denounce (Verb)
    Synonyms: Blame; Accuse; Boycott; Castigate; Criticize; Decry; Excoriate; Prosecute; Rebuke; Revile; Villify;
  225. Heinous (Adjective)
    Contemptible; Reprehensible; Despicable; Horrible;
  226. Ambiguous (Adjective)
     Synonyms : Equivocal; Ambivalent; Arguable; Dubious; Uncertain; Cryptic; Vague; Obscure; Puzzling; Unclear;
  227. Unwavering (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Fixed; Resolute; Abide; Unfaltering; Unhesitating; Unremitting; Staunch; Unshakeable; Unswerving;
  228. Consensus (Noun)
    Synonyms: Accord; Harmony; Unity; Unanimity; Consent;
  229. Firming up (Verb) = Stabilize; Fix; Maintain; Preserve; Steady;
  230. Stagger (Verb)
     Synonyms: Careen; Falter; Lurch; Shake; Teeter; Wobble;
  231. Ripple (Noun)
    Synonyms : Billow; Breaker; Crest; Curl; Fold; Furrow;
  232. Respite (Noun)
    Synonyms: Rest; Break; Halt; Stop; Cessation; Recess; Pause; Hiatus; Reprieve; Truce;
  233. Buttress (Verb)
    Synonyms: Brace; Support; Abutment;Fortify; Uphold; Pier; Stanchion;
  234. Proffer (Verb)
    Synonyms :Offer; Tender; Present; Extend; Give; Submit; Propose;  Propound;
  235. Credo (Noun)
    Synonyms :Creed; Philosophy; Tenet;
  236. Swift (Adjective)
    Synonyms :  Very fast; Rapidly; Quickly; Hastily; Expeditiously;
  237. Deliberation (Noun)
    Synonyms : Serious thought; Contemplation; Rumination; Brooding; Musing; Cogitation; Speculation;
  238. Disdain (Noun)
    Synonyms : Scorn; Contempt; Disrespect; Derision; Undervalue;
  239. Bigotry (Noun)
    Synonyms  Discrimination; Sexism; Fanaticism; Injustice; Bias; Unfairness; Bias; Partiality; Racism;
  240. Allay (Verb)
    Synonyms : Alleviate; Assuage; Calm; Ease; Lessen; Mitigate; Mollify; Pacify;
  241. Bail out (Verb)
     Synonyms: Relieve; Rescue; Release; Deliver;
  242. Regime (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Administration; Management; System; Tenure;
  243. Rationale (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Excuse; Explanation; Hypothesis; Justification;
  244. Dispensation (Noun)
    Synonyms  : Disbursement; Allocation; Allotment; Apportionment;
  245. Abduction (Noun) 
    Synonyms : Kidnapping; Theft; Appropriation; Capture;
  246. Assault (Noun)
    Synonyms: Aggression; Offensive; Incursion; Invasion; Smack; Thrash;Spank; Swat; Thwack; Thump;
  247. Under-report (Verb) =Fail to report any news fully or completely;
  248. Prevailing (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Current; Predominant; Prevalent; Rampant; Usual;
  249. Impunity (Noun)
    Synonyms : Immunity; Indemnity; Exception; Exemption; Privilege;
  250. Dizzy (Verb)
    Synonyms: Rapid; Confused; Bewildering; Faint;
  251. Breaching (Verb)
    Synonyms  Break; Violate; Disobey; Infract; Infringe; Offend;
  252. Apathy (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Indifference; Insensitivity; Lethargy; Lassitude; Phlegm;
  253. Stringent (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Strict; Firm; Severe; Harsh; Tough; Stiff;
  254. Fragile (Adjective)
    Synonyms:Brittle; Frangible; Breakable; Flimsy; Frail; Feeble;
  255. Coterminous (Adj)
    Synonyms  Adjoining; Adjacent; Contiguous; Juxtaposed; Abutting;
  256. Vanguard (Noun)
     Synonyms : Front; Advance; Spearhead; Fore, Lead;
  257. Resurgence (Noun)
    Synonyms  Renewal; Revival; Recovery; Rally; Resurrection;
  258. Stubborn (Adjective)
    Synonyms  Obstinate; Mulish; Headstrong; Wilful; Obdurate; Indelible; Dogged; Adamant; Tenacious; Ornery; Persistent; Perverse; Relentless; Rigid;
  259. Peril (Noun)
    Synonyms : Danger; Jeopardy; Risk; Hazard; Menace;
  260. Arbitrary (Adjective)
    Synonyms :  Capricious; Random; Whimsical; Erratic; Chance; Willful;
  261. Enshrine (Verb)
    Synonyms : Represent; Preserve; Treasure; Embody; Incorporate;
  262. Privilege (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Advantage; Right; Benefit; Prerogative; Entitlement;
  263. Inevitable (Adjective)
    Synonyms  :  Imminent; Impending; Inexorable; Irresistable;
  264. Prop (Verb)
    Synonyms:  Buttress; Support; Brace; Reinforce; Sustain;
  265. Reiterate (Verb)
    Synonyms : Repeat; Restate; Renew; Recapitulate; Belabour;
  266. Tinkering (Noun)
    Synonyms : Fix; Patch; Remediate; Troubleshooting;  Fiddle with;
  267. Caveat ( Noun)
    Synonyms :  Admonition; Caution; Forewarning;
  268. Pragmatic (Adjective) 
    Synonyms : Sensible; Practical; Realistic; Efficient; Sober;
  269. Perpetrator (Noun)
    Synonyms : Criminal; Executioner; Assassin; Enforcer;
  270. Emphasize (Verb)
     Synonyms : Accentuate; Affirm; Assert; Point out; Reiterate; Enunciate;
  271. Curtail (Verb)
    Synonyms :  Reduce; Slash; Diminish; Dock; Lop; Retrench; Shrink;
  272. Confinement (Noun)
    Synonyms    :  Custody; Restriction; Imprisonment; Detention; Incarceration; Constraint; Trammels; Immuration;
  273. Annul (Verb)
    Synonyms :  Nullify; Invalidate; Void; Abolish; Cancel; Dissolve; Quash;
  274. Aghast (Adjective)
    Synonyms:  Horrified; Agog; Amazed; Anxious; Shocked; Stunned;
    Dismayed; Appalled; Awestruck; Astounded; Agape;
  275. Indoctrination (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Propagandism; Persuasion; Training;
  276. Pragmatism (Noun)
    Synonyms : Practical; Reality; Efficiency; Expediency; Appropriate;
  277. Disconcerting (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Confuse; Agitate; Bewilder; Perturb; Unsettle; Embarrass;
  278. Harping (Noun)
    Synonyms: Dwell; Repeat; Reiterate;
  279. Juncture (Noun)
    Synonyms: Turning point; Condition; Crux; Position; Strait; Quandary; Circumstance; Moment;
  280. Profound (Adjective)
     Synonyms  : Intellectual; Thoughtful; Subtle; Abstruse; Deep;
  281. Enshrine (Verb)
    Synonyms : Cherish; Consecrate; Preserve; Revere; Embalm; Sanctify;
  282. Clinging (Verb)
    Synonyms: Adhesive; Coherent; Persistent; Viscid; Osculant;Tenacious;
  283. Zilch (Noun)= Nothing or Zero;
    Synonyms : Blank; Nada; Naught; Void; Insignifacancy;
  284. Faction (Noun)
     Synonyms : Bloc; Clan; Gang; Junta; Sect; Party; Side; Wing; Clique;
  285. Domineering (Verb)
    Synonyms : Oppressive; Authoritarian; Arrogant; Overbearing; Tyrannical; Imperious; Dictatorial; Autocratic; Bossy; Bully; Hector; Persecute; Subjugate; Menace; Intimidate; Browbeat;
  286. Accentuate (Verb)
    Synonyms : Focus attention on; Prominent; Highlight; Emphasize; Accent;
  287. Benefaction (Noun)
    Synonyms : Donation; Contribution; Endowment; Legacy; Relief; Gift;
  288. Defer (Verb)
    Synonyms : Delayed; Postponed; Protracted; Retarded; Scrubbed; Stalled;
  289. Malevolent (Adj)
     Synonyms : Malicious; Hostile; Spiteful; Evil; Vicious; Pernicious; Malign; Baleful; Rancorous;
  290. Repatriation (Noun)
    Synonyms : Restoration; Rehabilitation; Renovation; Recovery;
  291. Traction (Noun) 
    Synonyms : Resistance; Suction; Haulage; Adhesion; Constriction; Grip;
  292. Cite (Verb)
    Synonyms  Note; Indicate; Refer to; Specify; Point out; Mention; Allude to;
  293. Defer (Verb)
    Synonyms: Hold off; Adjourn; Extend; Stall; Impede; Intermit; Shelve;
    Prorogue; Waive; Retard;
  294. Cynical (Adjective)
    Synonyms  Nonbelieving; Doubtful;
  295. Detract (Verb)
    Synonyms: Derogate; Backbite; Lessen; Devaluate; Decry; Cheapen;
    Vilipend; Disesteem;
  296. Requisite (Adjective)
    Synonyms Need; Condition; Essential; Precondition;
  297. Perfunctory (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Automatic; Cursory; Superficial; Careless; Sketchy; Apathetic;
  298. Absurd (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Ridiculous; Crazy; Goofy; Silly; Unreasonable; Irrational; Ludicrous; Wacky;
  299. Foreboding (Noun)
    Synonyms  Apprehension; Premonition; Dread; Presage; Portent; Prenotion;
  300. Intimidate (Verb)
    Synonyms :Frighten; Threaten; Dishearten; Dismay; Terrorize; Scare;
  301. Reinforce (Verb) 
    Synonyms :Strengthen; Augment; Support; Bolster; Fortify;
  302. Diplomacy (Noun)
    Synonyms  :Negotiation; Politics; Delicacy; Discretion; Expedience;
  303. Lobbying (Verb)
    Synonyms :Urge; Sway; Promote; Campaign for; Press; Push; Solicit;
    Thump; Influence;
  304. Nurture (Verb)
    Synonyms  :Feed; Care for; Educate; Develop; Sustain; Cultivate;
  305. Tackle (Verb)
    Synonyms :Deal with; Engage in; Take up; Launch; Undertake;
  306. Quack (Noun)
    Synonyms  :Counterfeit; Pretended; Phony; Pseudo; Simulate;
  307. Tussle (Noun)
    Synonyms :Fray; Struggle; Battle; Scuffle; Skirmish; Strife; Brawl;
  308. Inevitable (Adjective)
    Synonyms  :Imminent; Impend; Inexorable; Undeniable; Doomed;
  309. De facto (Adverb)
    Synonyms :Genuinely; Actually; Really; Veritably;
  310. Resurgent (Adjective)
    Synonyms :Renascent; Revived; Invigorated; Refreshed;
  311. Devast (Noun)
    Synonyms :Calamitous; Disastrous; Annihilating; Mortifying;Desolating;
  312. Unflattering (Adjective)
    Synonyms  :Harsh; Insulting;  Uncomplimentary; Faultfinding;
  313. Haul (Noun) 
    Synonyms :Harvest; Cargo; Booty; Gain; Freight; Yield;
  314. Mess-up (Noun) 
    Synonyms  :Disorder; Befoul; Bobble; Besmirch; Bungle; Clutter; Rummage; Scramble; Jumble;
  315. Profiteering (Noun)
     Synonyms :Corrupt; Crooked; Nefarious; Corrupt; Debauched; Unscrupulous; Suborned; Reprobate; Taint;
  316. Regime (Noun)
    Synonyms :Leadership; Administration; Dynasty; Incumbency; Tenure;
  317. Errant (Adjective)
    Synonyms  :Wrong; Deviant; Aberrant; Erratic; Stray; Unorthodox;
  318. Construe (Verb) 
    Synonyms  :Explain; Deduce; Define; Infer; Interpret; Parse; Analyze;
  319. Bureaucracy (Noun)
    Synonyms :Ministry; Red tape; Authority; Management; Regulatory;
  320. Discretionary (Adjective)
    Synonyms:Unrestricted; Facultative; Nonobligatory; Optional;
  321. Perception (Noun) 
    Synonyms : Approach; Attention; Notion; Opinion; Thought; Conception;
  322. Exemplary (Adjective)
    Synonyms: Ideal; Admirable; Commendable; Laudable; Sterling;
  323. Unnerving (Verb)
    Synonyms : Intimidate; Agitate; Bewilder; Daunt; Disconcert; Dispirit;
  324. Surcharged (Adjective)
    Synonyms :  Inflated; Bloated; Magnified; Aggrandized; Puffed; Aureate; Euphuistic;
  325.  Hue (Noun) 
    Synonyms : Complexion; Tinge; Tint;
  326. Seizures (Noun)
    Synonyms:  Capture; Access; Convulsive attack; Stroke;
  327. Brazen (Adjective)
    Synonyms :Brash; Unashamed; Audacious; Blatant; Bold;
  328. Insistent (Adjective)
    Synonyms :Demanding; Unrelenting; Emphatic; Persistent; Incessant;
  329. Denounce (Verb)
    Synonyms :Accuse; Blame; Vilify; Censure; Castigate; Excoriate;
  330. Inheritor (Noun)
    Synonyms :Beneficiary; Recipient; Assignee; Possessor; Successor; Grantee;
  331. Disproportionate (Adjective)
    Synonyms :Excessive; Inordinate; Superfluous; Unequal; Iopsided;
  332. Wary (Adjective)
    Synonyms:Attentive; Circumspect; Considerate; Frugal; Prudent;Leery; Distrustful;
  333. Sovereign (Adjective)
    Synonyms:  Dominant; Effective; Autonomous; Royal; Imperial; Independent;
  334. Notch (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Indentation; Cleft; Cut; Gap; Groove; Incision;
  335. Logjam (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Lag; Moratorium; Delay; Cunctation; Adjourn; Setback;
  336. Bankruptcy (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Default; Disaster; Insolvency; Defalcation; Destitution; Indigence;
  337. Foster (Verb)
    Synonyms :  Promote; Support; Stimulate; Cherish; Foment; Cultivate;
  338. Conjunction (Noun)
    Synonyms : Partnership; Affiliation; Alliance; Congruency;
  339. Constraint (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Restraint; Pressure; Coercion; Compulsion;
  340. Amid (Preposition)
    Synonyms :  Between; Among; During;
  341. Alluring (Adjective)
    Synonyms:  Beguiling; Captivating; Charming; Enticing; Seductive;
  342. Brewing (Verb)
    Synonyms :  Boil; Seethe; Soak; Infuse; Stew; Concoct; Ferment;
  343. Extravagant (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Absurd; Bizarre; Indulgent; Wasteful; Exorbitant;Ludicrous; Lavish; Ostentatious;
  344. Endorse (Verb)
    Synonyms :  Support; Authorize; Affirm; Confirm; Sanction;
  345. Condemnation (Noun)
    Synonyms : Accusation; Conviction; Blaming; Censure; Damnation;
  346. Inept (Adjective)
    Synonyms:  Awkward; Bumbling; Clumsy; Unskilled; Gauche; Bungling; Inefficient; Incompetent;
  347. Plotters (Noun)
    Synonyms:  Traitor; Collaborator; Accomplice; Betrayer; Subversive;
  348. Staging (Verb)
    Synonyms:  Execute; Perform; Play; Mount; Present; Organize;
  349. Coup (Noun)
    Synonyms : Action; Plot; Revolution; Stunt; Feat; Stroke; Deed;
  350. Barrack (Noun)
    Synonyms  : Billet; Shelter for military; Bivouac; Prefab; Garrison;
  351. Breach (Noun)
    Synonyms:  Gap; Rupture; Crack; Aperture; Cleft; Fissure;
  352. Overhaul (Verb)
    Synonyms :Fix; Improve; Rebuild; Reconstruct; Renew; Revamp;
  353. Extravaganza (Noun) 
    Synonyms :Pageant; Parody; Show; Spectacular; Display; Exhibition;
  354. Covet (Verb)
    Synonyms :Crave; Desire; Envy; Fancy; Lust after; Begrudge;
  355. Erupt (Verb)
    Synonyms: Appear; Blow up; Explode; Spew; Detonate; Flare-up;
  356. Outwit (Verb)
    Synonyms : Dupe; Cheat; Baffle; Deceive; Mislead; Hoax;
  357. Astound (Verb)
    Synonyms:  Amaze; Astonish; Bewilder; Stagger; Stupefy; Startle;
  358. Dearth (Noun)
    Synonyms: Insufficiency; Scarcity; Deficiency; Lack; Paucity; Shortage;
  359. Unblemished (Adj)
    Synonyms: Flawless; Spotless; Perfect; Impeccable; Unsullied; Untarnished
  360. Debut (Noun) 
    Synonyms: Appearance; Opener; Beginning; Inauguration;
  361. Convention (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Conference; Meeting; Clambake; Delegation; Assemblage;
  362. Imperative (Noun)
    Synonyms : Direction; Command; Regulation; Adjuration; Canon; Caveat;
  363. Paradigm (Noun) 
    Synonyms : Example; Archetype; Ideal; Model; Criterion; Exemplar;
  364. Pursue (Verb)
    Synonyms : Chase; Follow; Go after; Seek; Persevere; Chivy;
  365. Abatement (Verb)
    Synonyms  : Lessening; Decline; Decrease; Discount; Reduction;
  366. Plunged (Verb)
    Synonyms:  Tumble; Plummet; Hurtle; Jump; Drop; Throw;
  367. Amassed (Verb)
    Synonyms : Assemble; Accumulate; Compile; Garner; Hoard;
  368. Speculate (Verb)
    Synonyms : Contemplate; Guess; Hypothesize; Reflect; Read; Ruminate;
  369. Pivot (Noun)
    Synonyms:  Fulcrum; Centre; Focal point;
  370. Mooted (Verb)
    Synonyms:  Bring up; Propose; Discuss; Debate; Raise; Refer;
  371. Prosperous (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Wealthy; Affluent; Rich; Well to do; Flourishing;
  372. Surveillance (Noun)
    Synonyms : Examination; Inspection; Scrutiny; Supervision; Vigilance;
  373. Commemorative (Adjective)
    Synonyms: Memorial; Celebratory; Remembrance;
  374. Contrary (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Adverse; Antithetical; Conflicting; Contradictory; Inimical; Paradoxical
  375. Tumult /Turmoil (Noun)
    Synonyms :Agitation; Commotion; Fracas; Disturbance; Strife; Ferment; Uproar; Confusion;
  376. Probe (Noun)
    Synonyms: Investigation; Exploration; Inquest; Scrutiny; Inquest;
  377. Lustre (Noun)
    Synonyms: Shine; Brightness; Radiance; Gleam; Glimmer; Gloss;
  378. Delineate (Verb)
    Synonyms: Describe; Depict; Limn; Draw;
  379. Perverse (Adjective) 
    Synonyms : Contrary; Unreasonable; Uncooperative; Illogical; Wick;
  380. Reiterate (Verb)
    Synonyms :  Repeat; Renew; Restate; Recap;
  381. Propriety (Noun)
    Synonyms: Suitability; Appropriateness; Correctness; Decorum;
  382. Converge (Verb)
    Synonyms: Assemble; Mingle; Combine; Concentrate; Join; Merge;
  383. Affirmation (Noun)
    Synonyms : Assertion; Confirmation; Averment; Declaration
  384. Psephology (Noun) =Study of Elections;
  385. Incumbency (Noun)
    Synonyms : Tenure; Possession; Regime; Term; Clasp; Clinch; Clutch
  386. Vitriolic (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Bitter; Caustic; Acerbic; Antagonistic; Scathing;
  387. Plebiscite (Noun)
    Synonyms: Election; Polling; Referendum;
  388. Delineate (Verb)
    Synonyms :  Describe; Outline; Depict; Limn;
  389. Deteriorate (Verb)
    Synonyms : Degenerate; Crumble; Decay; Weaken; Worsen; Degrade;Languish; Regress;
  390. Residue (Noun)
    Synonyms : Debris; Silt; Slag; Garbage;
  391. Swathe (Verb)
    Synonyms : Bandage; Clothe; Swaddle; Wrap; Cover;
  392. Smog (Noun)
    Synonyms:  Fog; Smoke;
  393. Unconscionable (Adjective)
     Synonyms: Unethical; Immoral; Unfair; Excessive; Preposterous; Outrageous;
  394. Exacerbate (Verb)
    Synonyms : Infuriate; Aggravate; Intensify; Worsen; Provoke
  395. Confer (Verb)
    Synonyms: Discuss; Deliberate; Advise; Huddle; Negotiate;
  396. Sustainable (Adjective)
    Synonyms: Tenable; Viable; Feasible; Continuous;
  397. Commend (Verb)
    Synonyms:  Recommend; Praise; Approve; Applaud; Extol;
  398. Modality (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Approach; Method; Manner; Procedure;
  399. Pursue (Verb)
     Synonyms :Chase; Follow; Haunt; Accompany; Bait;
  400. Morbidity (Noun)
    Synonyms: Gloom; Despair; Grief; Malaise; Pessimism;
  401. Hasty (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Rapid; Speed; Quick; Hurried; Urgent;
  402. Transitory (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Temporary; Transient;
  403. Disrupting (Adjective)
    Synonyms :  Disturbing; Confusing; Upsetting; Obstreperous; Unruly;
  404. Disbursement (Noun) 
    Synonyms : Expenditure; Spending; Payment; Outlay;
  405. Jubilant (Adjective)
    Synonyms: Exultant; Rejoice; Triumph; Happy; Elated; Euphoric; Glad;
  406. Dampen (Verb)
    Synonyms  :Dabble; Bedew; Moisten; Rinse; Humidify;
  407. Hazy (Adjective)
    Synonyms   : Blurred; Cloudy; Misty; Murky; Mushy; Dim; Dusk; Fuzzy;Foggy; Vague; Nebulous;
  408. Unravel (Verb)
    Synonyms : Unfold; Decipher; Resolve; Solve; Undo; Untangle;
  409. Flush (Noun) 
    Synonyms : Blush; Crimson; Tint;
  410. Crackdown (Noun)  =Clampdown; Strike; Suppression; Repression;
  411. Sprang (Verb) =Jump; Skip; Bounce; Bolt; Hop; Vault; Recoil;
  412. Pose (Verb)
     Synonyms: Mannerism; Mien; Posture; Act; Attitude; Present;
  413. Tactic (Noun)
    Synonyms:  Plan; Strategy; Scheme; Plan; Manoeuvre;
  414. Ulema = A body of Scholars of Muslim religion or law;
  415. Upending (Verb)
    Synonyms: Invert; Alter; Change; Convert; Renege; Transpose;
  416. Rival  (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Opponent; Competitor; Challenger; Contestant;
  417. Devoid (Adjective) 
    Synonyms :  Free; Lacking; Without;
  418. Backfire (Verb)
    Synonyms:  Fail; Flop; Boomerang; Rebound; Recoil; Miscarry;
  419. Repercussions (Noun)  
    Synonyms : Effect; Influence; Fallout; Reverberation; Result;
  420. Maroon (Verb) 
    Synonyms:   Abandon; Strand; Leave; Cast ashore;
  421. Revival (Verb)
    Synonyms:   Rebirth; Reawakening; Recovery; Rejuvenation; Resurgence;
  422. Torrential (Adjective)
    Synonyms:   Scaturient; Teeming; Swarming; Copious; Exuberant;
  423. Deluge (Noun)
    Synonyms:  Avalanche; Cataclysm; Spate; Barrage;
  424. Alleviate (Verb) 
    Synonyms:  Allay; Assuage; Ease; Pacify; Mitigate;
  425. Misery (Noun)
    Synonyms:  Pain; Mental; Agony; Anguish; Despair; Gloom; Squalor;
  426. Catastrophic (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Destructive; Calamitous; Cataclysmic; Fatal; Ruinous; Tragic;
  427. Sprawl (Verb)
    Synonyms : Drape; Recline; Lounge; Ramble; Slouch; Struggle;
  428. Replenish (Verb)
    Synonyms:   Refill; Refresh; Restock; Restore;
  429. Encroach (Verb)
    Synonyms:   Interloper; Invader; Trespasser;
  430. Exacerbate (Verb)
    Synonyms:   Aggravate; Annoy; Intensify; Provoke; Worsen;
  431. Escalate (Verb) 
    Synonyms : Expand; Grow; Intensify; Mount; Raise; Rise;
  432. Exodus (Noun)
    Synonyms:  Departure; Evaculation; Flight; Migration; Egress; Exiting;
  433. Platitude (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Dull; Banality; Inanity; Chestnut; Insipidity; Triteness;
  434. Transpire (Verb)
    Synonyms: Arise; Befall; Ensue;
  435. Pragmatic (Adjective)
    Synonyms: Realistic; Sober; Logical; Utilitarian;
  436. Fledgling (Noun)
    Synonyms : Apprentice; Learner; Novice; Neophyte; Trainee;
  437. Rhetoric (Noun)
    Synonyms  :  Hyperbole; Oratory; Bombast; Wordiness; Eloquence;
  438. Fragile (Adjective)
    Synonyms : Delicate; Feeble; Frail; Weak;
  439. Empathy (Noun)
    Synonyms: Affinity; Appreciation; Compassion; Insight; Pity; Sympathy;
  440. Condemnation(Noun) = Blaming; Conviction; Accusation; Censure; Denunciation;
  441. Pander (Verb)
    Synonyms: Satisfy; Indulge; fulfil;
  442. Repatriate (Verb)
    Synonyms :  Deport; Deliver; Extradite;
  443. Taint (Verb)
    Synonyms : Contamination; Corruption; Stigma; Blemish; Defect;
  444. Grapple (Verb)
    Synonyms :  Grab; Wrestle; Confront; Contend; Cope; Deal with;
  445. Fray (Noun)
    Synonyms :  Fight; Battle; Fracas; Melee; Combat; Clash;
  446. Expedite (Verb)
    Synonyms :  Accelerate; Assist; Urge; Quicken; Speed;
  447. Gingerly (Adjective)
    Synonyms:  Careful; Cautious; Dainty; Fastidious; Chary; Guarded;
  448. Apparent (Adjective)
    Synonyms:  Seeming; Possible; Probable; Supposed; Illusive;
  449. Inherent (Adjective)
    Synonyms: Innately; Naturally; Intrinsically; Genetically;
  450. Languid (Adjective)
    Synonyms: Drooping; Dull; Illness; Languorous; Lazy; Lethargic; Lazy;
  451. Redound (Verb) 
    Synonyms :  React; Recoil; Deflect;
  452. Engender (Verb)
    Synonyms :  Arouse; Beget; Breed; Foment; Incite; Induce; Instigate;
  453. Expediency (Noun) 
    Synonyms :  Advantage; Desirability; Helpfulness; Aptness; Pragmatism;
  454. Formidable
    Synonyms :  Ghastly; Horrendous; Dread; Forbidding; Menace; Daunt; Dire;
  455. Surge
    Synonyms :  Deluge; Growth; Swell; Wave; Rise; Billow;
  456. Sustain
    Synonyms :  Bolster; Preserve; Buoy; Defend; Assist; Nourish; Nurture;
  457. Reiterate
    Synonyms:  Echo; Renew; Repeat; Restate; Replicate; Reprise; Redo;
  458. Pursue
    Synonyms : Seek; Haunt; Badger; Go after; Chase; Bait; Trail; Plague;
  459. Insolvency
    Synonyms :  Bankruptcy; Deterioration; Breakdown; Implosion; Inadequacy;
  460. Bankruptcy
    Synonyms :Failure; Insolvency; Loss; Liquidation; Disaster; Indigence;
    Destitution; Nonpayment; Defalcation; Repudiation; Privation;
  461. Statutory
    Synonyms: Legal; Lawful; Judicial;
  462. Sought
    Synonyms: Desired; Hunted; Needed;
  463. Contrast
    Synonyms: Comparison; Contradiction; Disagreement; Disparity; Distinct;
  464. Cumbersome
    Synonyms: Bulky; Unwieldy; Tiresome; Embarrassing; Inconvenient;
  465. Agglomerate
    Synonyms: Aggregate; Collection; Cluster; Mass; Lump;
  466. Acquisition
    Synonyms: Addition; Gain; Procurement; Purchase; Attainment;
  467. Perhaps
    Synonyms: Maybe; Perchance; As the case may; As it may be;
  468. Conducive
    Synonyms:  Helpful; Useful; Contributory; Accessory; Promotive;
  469. Intimidate
    Synonyms: Aggressive; Terrifying; Frightening; Bullying; Terrorizing;
  470. Deter
    Synonyms: Discourage; Dissuade; Inhibit; Avert; Impede; Preclude;
  471. Depose
    Synonyms: Demote; Dethrone; Dismiss; Impeach; Unseat;
  472. Vulnerable
    Synonyms: Endangered; Exposed; Liable; Sensitive; Susceptible;
  473. Accuse
    Synonyms: Charge; Criminate; Defame; Impeach; Indict; Arraign;
  474. Conviction
    Synonyms: Assurance; Doublessness; Certitude; Surety; Faith;
  475. Reliable
    Synonyms: Decent; Dependable; Good; Honest; Predictable; Stable;
  476. Abide
    Synonyms : Stay; Dwell; Hang; Around; Remain; Stick; Tarry;
  477. Humorous
    Synonyms :  Comic; Funny; Amusing; Hilarious; Playful; Droll; Whimsical;
  478. Alight
    Synonyms :  Descend; Get off; Disembark; Touch down; Perch;
  479. Effervescent
    Synonyms  :Airy; Bouncy; Bubbly; Frothy; Fizz;
  480. Sarcasm
    Synonyms  :Satire; Scorn; Irony; Rancor; Ridicule; Derision; Cynicism; Contempt;
  481. Scramble
    Synonyms:  Clamber; Contend; Crawl; Jostle; Push; Scurry; Rush; Tussle;
  482. Portray
    Synonyms:   Depict; describe; Illustrate; Interpret; Paint;
  483. Frivolous
    Synonyms:   Foolish; Idiotic; Petty; Senseless; Impractical; Barmy;
  484. Stodgy
    Synonyms:   Boring; Monotonous; Pedantic; Plodding; Ponderous; Staid;
  485. Deprecatory
    Synonyms: Belittling; Critical; Deprecative; Derogative;
  486. Subversive
    Synonyms:  Corrupt; Debase; Overthrow; Overturn; Pervert; Sabotage;                              Suppress; Topple;
  487. Insurgent
    Synonyms :  Revolutionary; Disobedient; Contumacious; Factious;
  488. Formidable
    Synonyms :  Dangerous; Daunting; Dire; Dreadful; Fierce; Impregnable; Menacing;
  489. Harness
    Synonyms:  Curb; Exploit; Mobilize; Tackle; Tame; Utilize;
  490. Overhaul
    Synonyms:  Fix; Improve; Renew; Modernize; Rebuild; Reconstruct;
  491. Arbitrary
    Synonyms :  Erratic; Irresponsible; Discretionary; Frivolous; Capricious; Willful; Irrational;
  492. Reminiscent
    Synonyms:  Evocative; Redolent; Similar; Implicative; Mnemonic; Remind;
  493. Dissenter =Protestor; Skeptic; Objector; Rebel:
  494. Smack
    Synonyms: Bang; Blip; Blow; Chop; Clap; Clout;
  495. Staging
    Synonyms  :  Do; Execute; Mount; Organize; Perform;
  496. Hold Up
    Synonyms : Delay; Detain; Hinder; Impede; Stay; Stop;
  497. Nudge 
    : Prod; Jog; Jab; Punch; Push; Shove; Touch;
  498. Expedite
    Synonyms : Accelerate; Assist; Facilitate; Hasten; Promote; Quicken; Speed;
  499. Sluggish
    Synonyms :Heavy; Inactive; Lethargic; Listless; Slack; Slow; Stagnant;
  500. Deliberately
    Synonyms : Consciously; Knowingly; Pointedly; Willfully; Purposely;
  501. Tardiness
    Synonyms :  Delay; Slowness; Detention;
  502. Incumbent
    Synonyms: Binding; Necessary; Compelling;
  503. Dismay
    Synonyms: Disillusionment; Panic; Terror; Fright; Anxiety; Consternation;
  504. Anguish
    Synonyms: Agony; Grief; Misery; Torment; Woe;
  505. Obdurate
    Synonyms: Hard; Obstinate; Callous; Unbending; Inflexible; Adamant; Firm;
  506. Detriment
    Synonyms:  Adverse; Destructive; Harmful; Hurtful; Injurious; Unfavourable;
  507. Consensus
    Synonyms:  Harmony; Accord; Consent; Unity;
  508. Condusive
     Synonyms :  Helpful; Useful;
  509. Hazy
    Synonyms: Blurred; Misty; Dusky; Faint; Foggy; Fuzzy; Unclear; Vague;
  510. Strategy
    Synonyms : Action; Approach; Design; Method; Policy; Procedure; Program;
  511. Minced
    Synonyms :  Crumble; Grind; Cut; Chip;
  512. Bar
    Synonyms : Banish; Halt; Close up; Exclude; Inhibit; Illegalize; Barrier;
  513. Legitimate
    Synonyms:  Correct; Genuine; Lawful; Justifiable; Statutory; Appropriate;
  514. Ramp up
    Synonyms :  Erect; Hike up; Grade; Rise;
  515. Coalition
    Synonyms :  Affiliation; Alliance; Amalgam; Combine; Compact;
  516. Strides
    Synonyms : Stalk; Traipse; Tramp; Stomp;
  517. Lofty
    Synonyms: Soaring; Towering; Aerial; Airy; High-rise; Skyward;
  518. Pronged
    Synonyms: Bifurcate; Divided; Branched; Split;
  519. Traverse
    Synonyms : Bisect; Cross; Pass through; Go over;
  520. Envisage
    Synonyms : Imagine; Visualize; Consider; Confront;
  521. Cohesive
    Synonyms : Close-knit; United; Adhesive; Tenacious; Connected;
  522. Wield
    Synonyms :  Apply; Operate; Possess; Employ; Swing; Exert; Handle; Maintain;
  523. Exaggeration
    Synonyms :  Excess; Baloney; Fabrication; Hyperbole; Falsehood;
  524. Criticism
    Synonyms :  Assessment; Comment; Critique; Judgement; Opinion; Review;
  525. Charisma
    Synonyms:  Allure; Glamour; Magnetism; Appeal; Dazzle; Fascination;
  526. Dent
    Synonyms : Indentation; Incision; Cavity; Crater;
  527. Wooing
    Synonyms : Cultivate; Pursue; Solicit; Address; Beg; Chase; Charm;
  528. Accretion
    Synonyms : Accumulation; Augmentation; Increment; Rise; Accession;
  529. Nascent
    Synonyms : Burgeoning; Fledgling; Growing; Incipient; Promising;
  530. Pursuit
    Synonyms:  Hunt; Inquiry; Quest; Tracking; Following;
  531. Blend
    Synonyms : Amalgam; Fusion; Mixture; Concoction; Brew; Combination;
  532. Revive
    Synonyms : Arouse; Encourage; Energize; Restore; Resurrect; Rejuvenate;
  533. Saddled
    Synonyms: Adhered; Baffled; Fixed; Frozen; Glued; Mired; Stymied;
  534. Wary
    Synonyms: Attentive; Circumspect; Leery; Distrustful; Prudent; Frugal; Suspicious; Vigilant; Watchful;
  535. Elusive
    Synonyms: Ambiguous; Fleeting; Illusory; Incomprehensible; Puzzling;
  536. Staggering
    Synonyms : Amazing; Astonishing; Stunning; Shocking; Astounding;
  537. Adjunct
    Synonyms :  Appendix; Supplement; Aide; Attach;
  538. Constraint
    Synonyms : Pressure; Restraint; Coercion; Compulsion;
  539. Interlocutor
    Synonyms : Interrogator; Questioner; Interviewer; Speaker;
  540. Indiscriminate
    Synonyms : Unplanned; Extensive; Haphazard; Aimless;
  541. Valorisation
    Synonyms:  Restraint; Price-fixing; Price freeze;
  542. Slay
    Synonyms  : Killed; Murdered; Assassinated; Dead;
  543. Breach
    Synonyms: Crack; Break; Rift; Rupture; Cleft; Chasm;
  544. Fritter
    Synonyms: Squander; Misuse; Misspend; Squander; Dissipate; Lavish;
  545. Mistify
    Synonyms : Baffle; Perflex; Confuse; Confound; Bemuse; Bewilder; Obfuscate;
  546. Rein
    Synonyms : Curb; Control; Direct; Bit; Brake; Restraint;
  547. Regime
    Synonyms : Administration; Establishment; Government; Management; Reign;  Rule; System;
  548. Scrutiny
    Synonyms: Analysis; Audit; Inquiry; Inspection; Review; Survillance;
  549. Overture
    Synonyms: Bid; Proposal; Invitation; Proposition; Signal; Suggestion;
  550. Woes
    Synonyms: Adversity; Anguish; Burden; Tragedy; Calamity; Catastrophe;
  551. Reconcile
    Synonyms: Accommodate; Appease; Assuage; Coordinate; Pacify; Integrate;
  552. Impede
    Synonyms: Block; Curb; Cut off; Stymie; Thwart;
  553. Introspection
    Synonyms: Contemplation; Meditation; Reflection; Scrutinity;
  554. Intolerance
    Synonyms : Bigotry; Prejudice; Dogmatism;
  555. Fiction
    Synonyms: Book; Drama; Fable; Tale; Narrative; Novel; Imagination;
  556. Incontrovertible
    Synonyms :  Accurate; Authentic; Certain; Indisputable; Indubitable; Incontestable;
  557. Ferreting
    Synonyms: Beat; Break; Burrow; Excavate; Clear; Clean; Delve;
  558. Offend
    Synonyms: Aggrieve; Anger; Annoy; Antagonize; Disgust; Provoke; Sting; Horrify;
  559. Affront
    Synonyms: Indignity; Provocation; Slight; Abuse; Brickbat;
  560. Enmity
    Synonyms : Acrimony; Alienation; Animus; Antagonism; Antipathy; Hostility;
  561. Dissent
    Synonyms : Discord; Dissension; Disunity; Objection; Opposition; Resistance; Schism;
  562. Absurdity
    Synonyms : Craziness; Farce; Folly; Foolishness; Idiocy; Insanity; Silliness; Stupidity;
  563. Ludicrous
    Synonyms: Bizarre; Comical; Crazy; Fantastic; Farcical; Foolish; Grotesque;
  564. Allegory
    Synonyms: Apologue; Emblem; Fable; Figuration; Symbolism; Parable; Myth;
  565. Hyperbole
    Synonyms: Hype; Metaphor; Overstatement;
  566. Intimidate
    Synonyms : Dismay; Appall; Awe; Bully; Coerce; Constrain; Daunt; Scare;
  567. Fraternity
    Synonyms :  Camaraderie; Guild; Sorority; brotherhood;
  568. Bolster
    Synonyms: Boost; Buoy; Buttress; Cushion; Help; Reinforce; shore up; Sustain;
  569. Fetter
    Synonyms : Bonds; Chains; Check; Captivity; Curb; Hobble; Manacles;
  570. Shield
    Synonyms : Armor; Buffer; Bulwark; Safeguard; Buckler;
  571. Corrupt
    Synonyms :  Crooked; Fraudulent; Nefarious; Rotten; Shady;  Venal: Unscrupulous;
  572. Threaten
    Synonyms : Intimidate; Menace; Scare;
  573. Grave
    Synonyms : Dignified; Dull; Earnest; Heavy; Muted; Sedate; Sober; Subdued;
  574. Consolidate
    Synonyms : Build up;Secure; Centralize; Concentrate; Develop; Fortify; Reinforce;
  575. Frivolous
    Synonyms: Foolish; Idiotic; Impractical; Petty; Senseless;
  576. Legitimate
    Synonyms : Lawful; Consistent; Justifiable; Appropriate; Reasonable; Reliable;
  577. Venality 
    : Dishonesty; Sordidness; Vendibility;
  578. Cognizance
    Synonyms: Attention; bearing; Cognition; Grasp; Heed; Notice; Jurisdiction;
  579. Thwart
    Synonyms : Circumvent; Curb; Defeat; Impede; Obstruct; Stymie; Foil; Counter
  580. Flux
    Synonyms: Alteration; Fluctuation; Change; Flow; Modification; Instability; Mutability
  581. Edifice
    Synonyms :  Monument; Skyscraper; Building; Construction; Erection; Habitation;
  582. Ostensibly
    Synonyms :  Evidently; Officially; Seemingly; Supposedly;
  583. Deadlock
    Synonyms :  Dilemma; Gridlock; Plight; Predicament; Standoff; Standstill; Impasse;
  584. Elusive
    Synonyms : Ambiguous; Fleeting; Illusory; Puzzling; Incomprehensible; Subtle;
  585. Sink
    Synonyms :  Drop; Drop down; Dip; Decline;
  586. Sparring
    Synonyms:  Argue; Quarrel; Bicker; Contend;
  587. Deployment
    Synonyms : Distribution; Formation; Stationing; Arrangement;
  588. Misappropriation
    Synonyms :  Desecration; Exploitation; Misconduct; Misdeed; Misuse; Mishandling;
  589. Prop up
    Synonyms:  Brace; Strengthen; Uphold; Bolster; Buoy; Buttress; Shore;
  590. Empower
    Synonyms : Allow; Entitle; Entrust; Grant; Permit; Vest; Legitimize;
  591. Faction
     Synonyms: Gang; Clan; Bloc; Party; Sect; Wing; Junta; Clique;
  592. Harvest
    Synonyms : Intake; Yield; Output;
  593. Revive
    Synonyms: Arouse; Energize; Invigorate; Rejuvenate; Renovate; Resuscitate;
  594. Conciliatory
     Synonyms: Appeasing; Disarming; Assuaging; Calm; Peaceable; Mollifying;
  595. Retract
    Synonyms : Back down; Back off; Cancel; Deny; Disavow; Rescind; Withdraw;
  596. Vibrant =Active; Dynamic; Energetic; Vigorous; Vivid; Lively: Vital;
  597. Debut  =Appearance; Beginning; Introduction; Launching;
  598. Hedge= Barrier; Shrubbery; Fence; Hurdle;
  599. Binding = Essential; Required: Mandatory: Irrevocable; Requisite; Conclusive;
  600. Realm=Dimension; Domain; Field; Territory; Empire; World; Sphere;
  601. Speculation=Consideration; Belief; Cerebration; Cogitation; Deliberation; Opinion; Thought; Conjecture;
  602. Mulling = Deliberate; Examine; Ponder; Contemplate;
  603. Concern= Worry; Interest; Matter; Involvement; Burden;
  604. Outweigh =Prevail; Exceed; Surpass; Overshadow;
  605. Anticipate=Assume; Forecast; Foretell; Prognosticate; Await; Foresee; Forecast;
  606. Prospect=Anticipate; Expectation; Forecast; Hope; Possibility; Probability;
  607. Hostility=Aggression; Animosity; Bitterness; Antipathy; Enmity; Hatred; Opposition;
  608. Mitigation= Cure; Extenuation; Moderation; Reduction; Relief; Remission;
  609. Epidemic
    Synonyms: Prevalent; Communicable; Contagious; Endemic; Infectious; Pandemic; Rife
  610. Endorse
    Synonyms: Support; Authorize; Affirmation; Confirmation; Approval;  Ratification; Favor)
  611. Curb
    Synonyms: Control; Hold; Check; Suppress; Inhibit; Subdue; Deny;  Rein; Restrict; Restraint; Ledge; Barrier)
  612. Scant
    Synonyms: Less; Slight; Short; Bare; Thin; Mere;
  613. Misconstrue
    Synonyms: Misread; Misinterpret; Exaggerate; Distort; Misunderstand; Pervert; Misjudge; Mistake;
  614. Surveillance
    Synonyms:Inspection; Examination; Care; Spying; Watch; Scrutiny; Supervision; Vigilance; Wiretap; Track
  615. Remedy
    Synonyms: Antidote; Countermeasure; Medicine; Fix; Drug; Panacea
  616. Traditional
    Synonyms: Conventional; Folk; Common; Classic; Historic; Long- established; Regular



Difficult Synonyms-Difficult Antonyms

(B) Difficult Antonyms


  1. Deadlock  x Solution; Continuation; Good fortune;
  2. Elusive x Definite; Intelligible; Honest; Stable; Understandable;
  3. Sink         x  Ascend; Go up; Increase; Raise;
  4. Prop         x  Discourage; Dissuade; Halt; Hinder; Let down;
  5. Empower x  Deny; Refuse; Disallow; Disapprove; Reject;
  6. Faction    x   Individual; Whole;
  7. Revive     x   Broke; Damage; Depress; Destroy; Dissuade;
  8. Retract     x   Acknowledge; Admit; Agree; Allow; Approve; Enforce; Go forward; Permit;
  9. Fetter          x      Free; Allow; Assist; Aid; Permit; Expedite; Release; Loose;
  10. Corrupt       x      Ethical; Good; Honest; Honourable; Moral;
  11. Grave          x      Agitated; Excited; Boisterous; Trivial; Unimportant; Silly;
  12. Consolidate x      Decrease; Disperse; Dissuade; Hurt; Discourage; Lesser; Weaken;
  13. Frivolous     x      Intelligent; Sensible; Wise;
  14. Legitimate   x      Abnormal; Affected; Counterfeit; Deceptive; Dishonest; Illegitimate; False;
  15. Cognizance  x      Disregard; Inattention; Heedlessness; Ignorance; Neglect; Thoughtlessness;
  16. Thwart         x      Abet; Aid; Allow; Assist; Encourage; Facilitate; Help; Support;
  17. Flux             x      Rest; Constancy; Stagnation; Stability;
  18. Ostensibly   x      Improbably; Unlikely; Obscurely;
  19. Intolerance          x   Tolerance; Fairness
  20. Fiction                 x   Non-fiction; Truth; Reality;
  21. Incontrovertible   x   Changeable; Controvertible; Uncertain; Questionable;
  22. Ferret                   x   Cover; Ignore; Fill; Hide; Laze; Tinker;
  23. Offend                 x   Assist; Calm; Comfort; Heal; Help; Placate; Soothe; Assuage; Assist;
  24. Affront                 x   Respect; Aid; Flattery; Happiness; Help;
  25. Enmity                 x   Friendliness; Kindness; Like; Approval; Rapport; Sympathy; Sweetness;
  26. Dissent                 x   Acceptance; Agreement; Approval; Concurrence; Harmony; Peace;
  27. Absurdity             x   Intelligence; Wisdom; Seriousness;
  28. Ludicrous             x   Common; Familiar; Grave; matched; Normal; Ordinary; Reasonable;
  29. Allegory               x   Truth; Non-fiction;
  30. Intimidate             x   Encourage; Embolden; Inspirit; Assure; Calm; Comfort;
  31. Fraternity              x   Sisterhood;
  32. Bolster                  x   Block; Decrease; Discourage; Halt; Hinder; Hurt; Injure; Obstruct;
  33. Indiscriminate     x       Planned; Define; Discriminatory;
  34. Breach                 x       Agreement; Closing; Closure; Bridge; Juncture;
  35. Fritter                  x       Hoard; Save;
  36. Woes                   x        Advantage; Aid; Benefit; Assistance; Favor; Fortune;
  37. Impede                x        Advance; Aid; Allow; Assist; Encourage; Expedite;
  38. Pursuit             x             Retreat; Surrender;
  39. Revive             x             Bore; Break; Damage; Depress; Destroy; Ruin;
  40. Blend               x             Separation; Division;
  41. Wary                x             Careless; Certain; Inattentive; Incautious; Indiscreet; Negligent;
  42. Adjunct            x             Foe; Lessening; Detriment; Subtraction;
  43. Constraint        x             Deterrent; Hindrance; Allowance; Liberty; Freedom; Permission;
  44. Cohesive                  x          Detached; Separate; Divided; Loose; Disjointed;
  45. Exaggeration            x         Truth; Lessening; Compression; Decrease; Shrinkage;
  46. Criticism                  x          Heedlessness; Compliment; Praise; Neglect; Estimation;
  47. Dent                         x          Increase; Bulge;
  48. Woo                          x          Ignore; Disregard; Repulse;
  49. Accretion                  x          Decline; Fall; Decrease; Drop; Fall; Loss; Deduction;
  50. Nascent                     x          Dying; Shrinking; Withering;
  51. Hazy                      x            Bright; Clear; Definite; Distinct;
  52. Strategy                 x            Honesty; Openness;
  53. Mince                    x            Reveal;
  54. Legitimate             x            Abnormal; Affected; Counterfeit; Dishonest; False; Illegitimate;
  55. Coalition               x            Detachment; Disconnection; Disunion; Division; Seperation;
  56. Lofty                     x            Below; Humble; Beneath; Low; Modest;
  57. Prong                     x           Joined; Unbranched;
  58. Traverse                 x           Stay; Confirm;
  59. Envisage                x            Disregard; Ignore;
  60. Hold up                x          Advance; Aid; Allow; Assist; Encourage; Forward;
  61. Nudge                  x          Discourage; Dissuade; Repress; Pull;
  62. Expedite               x          Delay; Hinder; Retard; Stop; Slow;
  63. Sluggish               x          Active; Alert; Busy; Energetic;
  64. Deliberately          x         Indetermindedly; Unwittingly; Unintentionally;
  65. Tardiness              x          Promptness; Punctuality;
  66. Incumbent            x          Unnecessary;
  67. Dismay                 x          Assurance; Beauty; Calm; Composure; Contentment; Delight;
  68. Anguish                x          Delight; Happiness; Health; Joy;
  69. Obdurate              x          Amenable; Susceptible; Yielding;
  70. Detriment             x         Assisting; Friendly; Aiding; Favourable;
  71. Consensus            x          Denial; Dissension; Disagreement; Refusal; Opposition;
  72. Conducive            x          Unhelpful; Unuseful; Worthless
  73. Humorous                 x            Boring; Serious; Unpleasant; Tragic; Morose; Gloomy;
  74. Effervescent              x            Flat; Dull; Inactive;
  75. Sarcasm                    x             Approval; Flattery; Respect; Praise;
  76. Portray                      x            Confuse; Mix up; Obscure;
  77. Scramble                   x            Order; Peace; Organization;
  78. Frivolous                   x            Intelligent; Sensible; Wise;
  79. Stodgy                       x            Exciting; Fun; Interesting;
  80. Subversive                x            Help; Aid; Improve; Straighten; Build;
  81. Insurgent                   x            Obedient; Subordinate;
  82. Formidable                x            Calm; Poor; Trivial; Unimportant; Unthreatening;
  83. Harness                     x            Allow; Detach; Disconnect; Disjoin; Free; Liberate;
  84. Overhaul                   x            Break; Damage; destroy; Hurt; Injure; Ruin;
  85. Arbitrary                   x            Consistent; Definite; Dependable; Logical; Reasonable;
  86. Reminiscent              x            Forgetful; Oblivious;
  87. Staging                      x           Destroy; Direct; Disorganize; Fail; Ignore;
  88. Conducive                     x            Useless; Worthless; Adverse; Unfavorable;
  89. Intimidate                      x            Comfort; Solace; Convince; Reassure; Hearten; Persuade;
  90. Deter                              x            Encourage; Persuade; Allow; Facilitate; Hearten;
  91. Depose                           x            Promote; Upgrade; Enthrone; Instate; Invest; Appoint;
  92. Vulnerable                     x            Secure; Safe; Invulnerable; Unexposed; Unsusceptible;
  93. Accuse                           x            Acquit Discharged; Clear; Exculpate; Exonerate; Vindicate;
    Conviction                     x            Distrust; Doubt; Disbelief; Doubt; Incertitude; Uncertainty;
  94. Reliable                          x            Bad; Broken; Dishonest; Fraudulent; Unsteady; Wobbly;
  95. Abide                             x             Bailout; Buzz; Clear off; Depart; Exit; Pike; Vamoose;
  96. Formidable            x          Calm; Poor; Trivial; Unimportant; Unthreatening;
  97. Surge                     x          Decline; Decrease;
  98. Sustain                   x          Harm; Hinder; Hurt; Obstruct; Stop;
  99. Pursue                    x          Assist; Aid; Ignore; Give up; Lazy; Neglect; Discontinue; Eschew;
  100. Insolvency             x          Accomplish; Achieve; Ascent; Benefit; Enough; Triumph;
  101. Statutory                x          Illegal; Illegitimate; Illicit; Unlawful;
  102. Contrast                 x          Agreement; Harmony; Likeness; Similarity; Facsimile;
  103. Cumbersome         x          Aiding; Fun; Light; Small; Convenient;
  104. Agglomerate          x          Individual;
  105. Perhaps                  x          Improbably;
  106. Taint                    x          Advantage; Blank; Benefit; Clean; Honor; Perfection;
  107. Grapple               x          Agree; Free; Avoid; Cancel; Liberate; Open;
  108. Fray                     x          Peace; Accord; Calm; Tranquility; Harmony;
  109. Expedite              x          Delay; Hinder; Stop; Retard; Slow;
  110. Gingerly              x          Careless; Rough; Uncautious; Rash;
  111. Apparent              x         Unlikely; Hidden; Doubtful; Dubious; Equivocal;
  112. Languid                x         Active; Energetic; Hurried;
  113. Engender              x         Calm; Prevent; Destroy; Halt; Prevent;
  114. Expediency          x         Disadvantage; Inappropriateness;
  115. Escalate            x            Decline; Decrease; Diminish; Lessen; Reduce; Halt;
  116. Exodus             x            Stay; Arriving; Coming;
  117. Platitude           x            Coinage; Nuance;
  118. Transpire          x            Stop
  119. Pragmatic         x            Impractical; Irrational; Unrealistic;
  120. Fledgling          x            Expert; Professional;
  121. Rhetoric            x            Quiet; Conciseness;
  122. Fragile              x            Strong; Healthy; Firm; Tough;
  123. Empathy           x            Disdain; Hatred; Disagreement;
  124. Condemnation  x            Approval; Compliment; Endorsement; Praise;
  125. Maroon            x            Care; Help; Maintain; Rescue; Save; Take care;
  126. Revival            x            Destruction; Killing; Suppression;
  127. Alleviate          x            Increase; Intensify; Irritate; Worsen;
  128. Misery              x           Calmness; Cheer; Comfort; Relief; Contentment;
  129. Catastrophic     x           Advantageous; Fortunate; Blessed;
  130. Replenish         x           Damage; Deplete; Waste;
  131. Exacerbate       x           Aid; Alleviate; Appease; Delight; Comfort;
  132. Crackdown           x        Start; Beginning;
  133. Spring                   x        Allow; Permit;
  134. Pose                      x        Honesty; Reality; Truth; Movement;
  135. Rival                     x        Ally; Helper; Associate; Companion;
  136. Devoid                  x        Empty; Wanting; Bare; Vacant; Barren;
  137. Backfire                x        Accomplish; Succeed; Achieve;
  138. Repercussion        x        Cause;
  139. Hasty                x          Careful; Cautious; Slow; Sluggish; Delayed; Thoughtful;
  140. Transitory         x          Lasting; Permanent; Long-lived;
  141. Disrupting        x          Calming; Settling; Disciplined; Soothing;
  142. Disbursement   x          Deposit; Savings; Hoard;
  143. Jubilant            x           Depressed; Discourage; Sad; Unhappy; Unexcited;
  144. Dampen            x          Collect; Dehydrate; Encourage; Dry;
  145. Hazy                 x          Clear; Definite; Distinct; Bright; Luminous;
  146. Unravel            x           Entangle; Unite; Twist; Tie; Knot; Tangle;
  147. Deteriorate          x         Improve; Elevate; Praise; Strengthen; Laud; Rise;
  148. Residue               x         Need; Base; Core;
  149. Swaddle              x         Uncover;
  150. Unconscionable  x         Civilized; Honest; Fair; Moral; Reasonable;
  151. Exacerbate          x         Alleviate; Calm; Appease; Delight; Soothe;
  152. Sustainable         x         Untenable; Unendurable; Unsuitable;
  153. Commend           x         Blame; Censure; Criticize; Disapprove; Reject;
  154. Pursue                 x         Give up; Ignore; Neglect; Leave; Quit; Retreat; Eschew;
  155. Morbidity            x          Cheer; Joy; Delight; Gladness; Confidence;
  156. Affirmation      x       Denial; Nullification; Negation;
  157. Incumbency     x       Misconception; Release; Misunderstanding;
  158. Vitriolic           x       Kind;
  159. Delineate         x       Confuse; Distort;
  160. Tumult/ Turmoil             x         Agreement; Calm; Peace; Tranquility; Harmony;
  161. Lustre                             x         Dimness; Dinginess; Dirtiness; Drabness; Paleness; Dullness;
  162. Delineate                        x         Confuse; Distort;
  163. Perverse                          x         Agreeable; Reasonable; Willing;
  164. Propriety                         x         Dishonesty; Discord; Unsuitability; Impropriety;
  165. Converge                        x         Disperse; Scatter; Avoid; Differ;
  166. Moot                       x        Close; Finish;
  167. Surveillance            x        Careless; Neglect; Ignorance;
  168. Prosperous              x        Destitute; Unhappy; Lacking; Needy; Impoverish;
  169. Contrary                  x        Agreeable; Consistent; Harmonius; Kind;
  170. Commemorative     x        Dishonouring; Forgetful; Neglectful;
  171. Convention                  x             Discord; Disagreement;
  172. Imperatives                  x             Disorganization; Lawlessness; Irresponsibility;
  173. Pursue                          x             Give up; Leave; Eschew; Shun; Quit;
  174. Abatement                   x             Increase; Enlarge; Rise;
  175. Plunged                        x             Ascend; Increase; Rise; Go up;
  176. Amassed                      x             Disperse; Divide; Scatter; Separate;
  177. Speculate                     x             Disregard; Ignore; Forget; Abstain; Neglect;
  178. Overhaul           x         Break; Destroy; Damage; Injure; Hurt;
  179. Extravaganza    x         Truth; Hiding; Reality;
  180. Covet                x         Dislike; Hate; Abjure;
  181. Erupt                 x         Quiet
  182. Astound            x         Calm; Clarify; Clear up; Enlighten;
  183. Dearth               x         Abundance; Adequacy; Enough; Plenty; Sufficiency;
  184. Unblemished    x         Stained; Flawed; Tarnished; Blemish; Imperfect; Sullied;
  185. Debut                x         Conclusion; Ending; Finish;
  186. Brew                    x       Dry; Dehydrate;
  187. Extravagant         x        Believable; Careful; Inexpensive; Drab; Cheap; Reasonable;
  188. Endorse               x        Attack; Censure; Criticize; Deny; Disapprove; Dissuade;
  189. Condemnation     x        Approval; Compliment; Sanction; Acquittal; Endorse;
  190. Inept                    x        Able; Capable; Competent; Dexterous; Efficient;
  191. Breach                 x        Agreement; Closing; Closure; Juncture; Bridge;
  192. Sovereign             x           Dependent; Limited; Restricted;
  193. Notch                    x           Closing; Closure;
  194. Logjam                 x           Continuation; Liberation; Assistance; Hasten; Expedition;
  195. Bankruptcy           x           Accomplishment; Achievement;
  196. Foster                    x           Cease; Dampen; Condemn; Impede; Dissuade;
  197. Constraint             x           Deterrent; Hindrance; Allow; Liberty;
  198. Allure                   x            Repulsive;
  199. Surcharge            x        Shrunken; Compressed; Deflated;
  200. Seizure                x        Release; Liberate;
  201. Insistent               x        Insignificant; Relenting; Weak;
  202. Brazen                 x        Humble; Timid; Meek; Modest;
  203. Denounce            x        Applaud; Approve; Exalt; Exonerate; Compliment;
  204. Inheritor              x        Giver; Payer;
  205. Disproportion      x        Moderate; Reasonable; Balanced;
  206. Wary                    x        Careless; Indiscreet; Incautious; Negligent; In attentive;
  207. Profiteer                x         Honest; Moral; Ethical;
  208. Errant                    x         Normal; Correct;
  209. Construe               x         Misunderstand; Confuse; Obscure;
  210. Discretionary        x         Nondiscretionary
  211. Perception             x        Concrete; Ignorance; Stupidity; Misconception;
  212. Inevitable         x         Avoidable; Distant; Escapable; Fortuitous;
  213. Resurgent        x         Dormant; Latent;
  214. Devast             x         Blessed; Fortunate;
  215. Unflattering     x         Adultory; Flattering;
  216. Haul                x         Loss;
  217. Reinforce            x            Decrease; Diminish; Hurt; Weaken; Discourage;
  218. Diplomacy          x            Ignorance; Rudeness; Impoliteness;
  219. Lobby                 x            Dissuade; Repress; Discourage; Halt; Prevent;
  220. Nurture               x            Abandon; Decrease; Ignore; Destroy; Starve;
  221. Tackle                 x            Abstain; Complete; Conclude; Dodge;
  222. Quack                 x            Genuine; Real; Sincere;
  223. Tussle                 x             Accord; Harmony; Peace;
  224. Cite                x           Conceal; Deny; Take; Withhold;
  225. Defer             x            Advance; Allow; Continue; Expedite; Forward;
  226. Cynical          x            Believing; Optimistic; Hopeful; Undoubting; Trusting;
  227. Detract           x           Commend; Compliment; Exalt; Laud; Develop;
  228. Requisite       x            Nonessential;
  229. Absurd           x           Logical; Reasonable; Realistic; Practical; Sensible;
  230. Foreboding    x           Fortune; Luck; Providence;
  231. Intimidate      x           Assure; Calm; Comfort; Embolden; Hearten;
  232. Faction                x           Individual; Whole; Entirely; Unity;
  233. Domineering       x           Democratic; Servile; Humble; Yielding;
  234. Accentuate          x           Divert attention from; Mask;
  235. Benefaction         x           Injury; Loss;
  236. Defer                   x           Advanced; Forwarded; Hastened; Hurried;
  237. Malevolent          x           Kindness; Love; Benevolence;
  238. Repatriation         x           Destruction; Penalty; Abolition; Neglect;
  239. Traction               x           Slipperiness
  240. Pragmatism              x           Disadvantage; Inappropriateness
  241. Disconcert                x           Clarify; Explain; Enlighten; Comfort; Assist;
  242. Juncture                    x           Advantage; Certainty; Calm; Solution;
  243. Profound                   x           Light; Unintelligent; Trivial; Superficial;
  244. Enshrine                   x            Condemn; Desecrate; Defile; Disrespect;
  245. Emphasize            x            Deny; Mumble; Depreciate; Lose;
  246. Curtail                   x            Develop; Enlarge; Grow; Increase; Raise;
  247. Confinement         x            Freedom; Liberation; Liberty;
  248. Annul                    x            Approve; Ratify; Support; Sanction; Validate; Enact;
  249. Tinkering         x          Break; Destroy;
  250. Pragmatic        x          Irrational; Excited; Impractical; Inefficient;
  251. Peril             x       Certainty; Safety; Security; Protection;
  252. Arbitrary      x       Consistent; Definite; Reliable; Sensible; Logical;
  253. Privilege      x       Disadvantage; Handicap; Hindrance; Misfortune;
  254. Inevitable     x       Avoidable; Distant; Escapable; Later;
  255. Prop             x       Discourage; Halt; Hinder; Refuse; Reject;
  256. Apathy             x        Interest; Care; Concern;
  257. Stringent          x        Amenable; Calm; Easy; Flexible; Lenient; Pliable;
  258. Fragile             x        Able; Strong; Firm; Healthy; Durable;
  259. Coterminous    x        Detached; Separate; Divide;
  260. Vanguard         x        Followers; Rear;
  261. Resurgence      x        Failure
  262. Stubborn          x        Flexible; Soft; Irresolute; Yielding;
  263. Prevailing                 x          Limited; Uncommon; Peculiar; Private;
  264. Impunity                   x          Denial; Veto; Prohibition; Imprisonment;
  265. Dizzy                        x          Clear; Slow;
  266. Breach                      x          Obey; Regard; Agree; Allow; Attach; Fix;
  267. Allay               x            Aggravate; Agitate; Increase; Upset; Provoke; Incite;
  268. Rationale         x            Discouragement; Reality; Proof;
  269. Dispensation   x            Disfavor; Denial; Veto;
  270. Unwavering          x        Irresolute; Unreliable; Weak; Inconsistent;
  271. Consensus             x        Denial; Dissension; Refusal; Disagreement; Discord;
  272. Firming up            x        Destroy; Forget; Hurt; Ignore; Neglect;
  273. Stagger                 x         Carry on; Stay; Continue;
  274. Respite                 x         Continuation; Censure; Commencement; Hold;
  275. Proffer                  x         Conceal; Fight; Refrain; Dissuade;
  276. Blight             x      Assist; Aid; Mend; Improve; Repair;
  277. Cronyism        x     Respect; Detraction; Humility; Modesty; Competition;
  278. Pervasive        x     Rare; Uncommon; Scarce; Limited;
  279. Explicit           x     Ambiguous; Careless; Doubtful; Equivocal; False; Fuzzy; Imprecise;
  280. Denounce       x     Applaud; Approve; Compliment; Exculpate; Flatter;
  281. Heinousness   x     Insignificance; Smallness; Unimportance; Littleness; Tininess;
  282. Ambiguous     x     Certain; Clear; Definite; Plain; Sure; Lucid;
  283. Alliance        x       Antagonism; Detachment; Disagreement; Discord;
  284. Incumbent     x      Unnecessary;
  285. Wrangling     x       Agree; Concur;
  286. Adultery       x     Faithfulness
  287. Absolve        x     Accuse; Blame; Censure; Charge; Condem; Punish;
  288. Aggrieved     x    Comforted; Pleased; Happy;
  289. Consensual   x     Divided; Split;
  290. Fragile x Durable; Firm; Strong;
  291. Gloom  x Cheer; Joy; Pleasure; Delight; Gladness;
  292. Woe  x Advantage; Benefit; Blessing; Help; Comfort;
  293. Slump x Increase; Boon; Rise; Ascent;
  294. Inflation x Abridgement; Compression; Decrease; Shrinkage;
  295. Sustain x Harm; Hinder; Hurt; Obstruct;
  296. Stalemate x Advance; Progress;
  297. Consensus x Denial; Dissension; Refusal; Disagreement;
  298. Thwart x Abet; Allow; Assist; Facilitate; Support;
  299. Contend  x  Agree; Comply;
  300. Distort x Honest; Preserve; Straighten;
  301. Offset x  Approve; Disproportion;
  302. Deal x Disagreement; Refusal; Denial; Dissension
  303. Undermined  x  Aid; Construct; Fix; Strengthen; Assist; Build; Encourage;
  304. Diplomacy  x Ignorance; Impoliteness; Rudeness;
  305. Curtail   x  Develop; Enlarge; Extend; Raise; Grow; Amplify;
  306. Wreck  x  Build; Create; Construct;
  307. Enrich   x  Decrease; Worsen; Impoverish; Disgrace; Deplete;
  308. Embolden   x   Discourage; Dissuade; Dishearten; Depress;
  309. Tumultuous  x  Peaceful; Quiet; Mild; Calm;
  310. Rival x Assisting; Associate; Supporting;
  311. Speculate x Disregard; Neglect; Ignore;
  312. Peddling x Buy
  313. Ostensibly x Improbably; Obscurely; Unlikely;
  314. Ruffle x Calm; Order; Smooth; Organize;
  315. Repercussion x Cause
  316. Verdict x Accusation
  317. Boast x Humility;Deprecation; Modesty;
  318. Contend x Alliance; Association; Helping;
  319. Perceive x Disbelieve; Neglect; Ignore; Disregard;
  320. Cynic x Believer; Optimist;
  321. Embroiled x Exclude; Free; Untangle;
  322. Incumbency x Misconception; Release;
  323. Assertion x Desertion; Denial; Rejection;
  324. Elevation x Demotion; Decrease; Disdain; Depression;
  325. Propriety x Dishonesty; Disagreement; Discord; Unsuitability;
  326. Quash x Build up; Encourage; Compliment;
  327. Expeditious x Delayed; Slow; Lazy;Retarded;
  328. Vitiate x Allow; Help; Permit; Affirm; Support;
  329. Intransigent x Flexible; Compliant;
  330. Disquiet x Calm; Happiness; Peace; Contentedness;
  331. Exaggeration x Truth; Compression; Understatement;
  332. Inevitable x Avoid; Escape;
  333. Legitimacy x Immorality; Unlawfulness; Illegitimacy;
  334. Alien x Familiar; Usual; Normal;
  335. Deport x Allow; Keep; Hold; Permit;
  336. Persecution x Joy; Happiness; Help; Succor;
  337. Chavunism x Unbias
  338. Conflate x Divide; Separate; Cleave;
  339. Duress x Freedom; Liberty; Independence; Liberation;
  340. Contradiction x Accord; Likeness; Agreement; Consistency; Sameness;
  341. Muster x Avoid; Cancel; Destroy; Disperse; Scatter; Dodge;
  342. Apportion x Keep; Withhold; Deny; Combine; Join;
  343. Riparian x Inland; Intercontinental;
  344. Ambiguous x Certain; Clear; Definite; Known; Sure;
  345. Dragged x Push; Repel; Remain; Repulse;
  346. Rigorous x Careless; Easy; False; Flexible; Improper; Lenient;
  347. Adjudication x Indecision; Start;
  348. Deficit x Abundance; Enough; Adequacy; Plenty;
  349. Dilemma x Advantage; Solution;
  350. Dwindling x Ascend; Develop; Enhance; Enlarge;
  351. Depreciate x Appreciate; Raise;
  352. Stumbling x Continue; Correct; Fix; Straighten;
  353. Hooked x Clean;
  354. Scupper x Float; Raise; Promote;
  355. Arbitrary x Consistent; Reasonable; Definite; Dependable; Steady;
  356. Abandon x Keep; Claim; Continue;
  357. Propriety x Impropriety; Unsuitability; Dishonesty; Immorality;
  358. Cessation x Beginning; Continuation; Initiation;
  359. Retaliate x Leave; Lose; Depart;
  360. Alienation x Connection; Friendliness; Agreement;
  361. Spiraling x Dissuade; Fail; Free; Halt;
  362. Mar x Fix; Clean; Adorn; Heal;
  363. Augment x Compress; Condense; Reduce; Abridge;
  364. Glitches x Advantage; Perfection;
  365. Snarls x Calm; Order; Ease; Harmony;
  366. Rhetoric x Conciseness;
  367. Imperative x Inessential; Insignificant; Unnecessary;
  368. Tinker x Destroy; Break;
  369. Recourse x Blockage; Hindrance; Obstruction;
  370. Proposal x Condemnation; Refusal;
  371. Ailing x Able; Well; Fit;
  372. Envisage x Disregard; Ignore;
  373. Speculation x Reality; Truth; Disdain; Ignorance;
  374. Waive x Hold; Keep’ Retain; Carry out; Claim;
  375. Contagion x Purification; Cleanliness;
  376. Autonomy x Dependence;
  377. Contentious x Agreeable;
  378. Flaw x Advantage; Perfection;
  379. Corpus x Part;
  380. Weed out x Develop; Enlarge; Grow;
  381. Dubious x Certain; Definite; Clear;
  382. Prosecute x Defeat; Failure;
  383. Doldrums x Glee; Elation;
  384. Gauges x Guess
  385. Crises x Peace; Solution; Calm;
  386. Taper x Enlarge; Extend; Increase;
  387. Tantrum x Peace; Happiness; Contentment;
  388. Bottoming out x Fix, Stay; Remain; Hold; Continue;
  389. Crisis x Peace; Advantage; Benefit;
  390. Impeded x Expedite; Advance; Assist; Encourage;
  391. Deteriorate x Elevate; Raise; Strengthen; Laud;
  392. Clocking x Ignore; Neglect;
  393. Prone x Improbably; Unlikely;
  394. Insolvency x Achievement; Accomplishment;
  395. Segregate x Attach; Connect; Join; Associate; Desegregate;
  396. Disruptive x Setting; Disciplined; Soothing; Calming;
  397. Resilience x Rigidity; Fragility; Vulnerability; Weakness;
  398. Stemming x Cease; Halt; Abet; Lessen; Repress;
  399. Imperative x Inessential; Insignificant; Nonessential; Unnecessary;
  400. Patchy x Continuous; Even; Regular; Unspotted;
  401. Lackadaisical x Enthusiastic; Excited; Active; Energetic; Interested;
  402. Undernourishment x Nourished; Healthy;
  403. Reform x Damage; Destroy; Ruin; Worsen;
  404. Endure x Reject; Retreat; Surrender; Run away;
  405. Deprivation x Advantage; Benefits, Profit; Gain;
  406. Conflict x Peace; Agreement; Accord; Concord;
  407. Stunting x Advance; Allow; Assist; Develop; Encourage; Enlarge;
  408. Disparities x Similarities; Equality;
  409. Enmity x Friendliness; Kindness;
  410. Appalling x Calming; Pleasant; Delightful; Comforting;
  411. Agitation x Calm; Peace; Harmony;
  412. Divergent x Similar
  413. Vindictive x Compassionate; Gentle; Kind; Merciful;
  414. Patronage Obstruction; Antagonism; Discourage; Humility;
  415. Apprehension x Belief; Calm; Faith; Confidence;
  416. Disarray x Harmony; Order; Peace;
  417. Impact x Avoidance; Failure;
  418. Threaten x Help; Compliment; Defend; Guard;
  419. Malaise x Well being; Healthy; Comfort; Ease;
  420. Distress x Advantage; Contentment; Happiness;
  421. Inching x Standing;
  422. Glut x Lack; Need; Want; Insufficient;
  423. Culmination x Base; Beginning; Anticlimax;
  424. Agitation x Calm; Peace; Harmony;
  425. Strapped x Rich; Wealthy;
  426. Tangible x Conceptual; Imperceptible; Intangible;
  427. Dithering x Certain; Clear; Definite; Sure;
  428. Flak Approval; Commendation; Compliment; Praise;
  429. Gear up x Disarrange; Disorganize; Disturb; Destroy;
  430. Intensify x Decrease; Diminish; Discourage; Dull;
  431. Amplification x Abridgment; Lessening; Compression; Shortening;
  432. Anomaly x Conformity; Normality; Regularity; Standard;
  433. Embolden x Discourage; Dishearten; Dissuade;
  434. Corollary x Beginning; Commencement; Opening; Start;
  435. Inflation x Deflation; Reduction; Abridgement; Decrease;
  436. Brisk Idle; Inactive; Slow; Sluggish; Lethargic;
  437. Cheer x Discourage; Unhappiness; Sad; Sorrow;
  438. Propel x Repress; Stop; Finish; Pull; Discourage;
  439. Optimism x Depression; Pessimism; Unhappiness;
  440. Hearten x Dishearten
  441. Contraction x Enlargement; Increase; Expansion; Growth;
  442. Sustain x Harm; Obstruct; Hinder;
  443. Revival x Destruction; Suppression;
  444. Languish x Develop; Grow; Build; Improve;
  445. Eschew x Face; Meet; Keep; Take on;
  446. Populism x Pluralism
  447. Cheer x Discourage; Unhappiness; Sad; Sorrow;
  448. Evoke x Calm; Ignore; Repress; Halt; Stifle;
  449. Coalition x Detachment; Division; Disconnection; Separation;
  450. Erosion x Building; Construction; Strengthening;
  451. Rapprochement x Aloofness; Disagreement;
  452. Retain x Abandon; Desert; Lack; Disperse; Exclude; Ignore;
  453. Alliance x Antagonism; Discord; Detachment; Disunion;
  454. Polarization x Collection
  455. Ally x Antagonist; Enemy; Opponent; Detractor;
  456. Wrest x Give; Leave;
  457. Thwart x Allow; Support; Abet; Assist; Encourage;
  458. Pragmatism x Humility; Reality; Meekness;
  459. Brazen x Humble; Quiet; Meek; Timid; Shy; Modest;
  460. Coalition x Detachment; Disunion; Disconnection; Separation;
  461. Swift                   x         Sluggish; Slow;
  462. Deliberation        x         Carelessness; Imprudence; Neglect; Ignorance;
  463. Disdain               x         Admiration; Affection; Flattery; Humility; Praise;
  464. Bigotry               x         Fairness; Impartiality; Tolerance;
  465. Vibrant       x  Inactive; Apathetic; Dull: Weak; Dispirited; Idle
  466. Debut          x  Conclusion; End; Finish
  467. Hedge          x  Open
  468. Binding       x  Optional; Inessential; Revocable; Unbinding; Breakable;
  469. Speculation x  Reality; Truth; Disdain;
  470. Mulling       x   Forget; Ignore; Neglect;
  471. Concern      x   Entertainment; Fun;
  472. Outweigh    x   Fail; Fall behind; Lose; Surrender;
  473. Anticipate   x   Doubt;
  474. Prospect      x   Hopelessness; Impossibility;
  475. Hostility      x   Friendship; Happiness; Kindness; Liking; Respect Sympathy;
  476. Ancient x Modern
  477. Potency x Impotency; Weak; Lethargy; Apathy; Laziness; Incompetency; Ineffectiveness; Inability
  478. Epidemic x Limited
  479. Curb x Freedom; Encourage; Center;
  480. Endorse x Denial; Disapproval; Disfavor; Refusal; Censure
  481. Misconstrue x Comprehend; Understand; Perceive; Discern
  482. Surveillance x Carelessness; Negligence; Ignorance; Unobservance
  483. Remedy x Harm; Injury; Damage; Pain; Hurt
  484. Traditional x Modern; New; Uncommon; Abnormal; Extraordinary

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